Announcing the new [astral projects] Vintage Crates Podcast

First ever [astral projects] Podcast. A mix of rare & obscure breakbeats, and grooves.

‘Contact- Vocal Patterns’

In This Episode:

1. The Chosen Few- Wandering

2. Silvinha- Estou Pedindo Baby

3. The Brockingtons- Eye Doctor

4. Mike James Kirkland- You Put It On My Mind

5. Eugene Record- Here Comes The Sun

6. U.P.C All Stars- Don’t Get Discouraged

7. Jackson Sisters- Day In the Blue

8. Annette Peacock- Pony

9. The Heartstoppers- Where Does The Love Go

10. Little Beaver- Let’s Stick Together

11. Weldon Irvine- I Love You

12. Dyson’s Faces- Don’t Worry About The Joneses

13. Js.One- I Think Of You

14. Laghonia- My Love

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Next episode:

‘Love In Outer Space’


~ by jsonenubians on January 20, 2009.

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