[astral projects] Sampler vol.2


The latest podcast episode, is a mix of various [ap] material from 2005 to 2009.

1. Back In The Day (Intro) (Inst from ‘Another Point Of View’ 2007)
2. The Nubians- Cheeba Funk (‘The New Flavor’ EP 2006)
3. Js.One- The Creep (‘Time Has Come’ 2008 )
4. The Nubians- 125th Street Soul (‘The New Flavor’ EP 2006)
5. Js.One- Stretchin’ Out (‘Time Has Come’ 2008 )
6. Sparks- Your Style (‘Do It To You’ [Single] 2006)
7. Js.One- Spring Again (‘First Vibes of The Equinox’ 2005)

A couple Nubians joints, some tracks from ‘Time Has Come’, and the last joint I found while diggin’ through archive. It’s almost that time of year, I might do a spotlight episode on ‘First Vibes of The Equinox’, which is a live instrument record I did back in ’05. Anyway, I got some real fire coming up for the next two episodes:

Episode #8: Uptown Saturday Night- Cinematic Funk

Episode#9: Highlife- Live @ The Disco


~ by jsonenubians on February 9, 2009.

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