The new podcast/single ‘Sparkle’ is a memorial to the strongest,  most influential person in my life who recently passed. My grandmother, but much more than that, I never called her “grandma” it was always “Ma”, just like my own mother.  She is the reason I believe in my dreams. I’m also sure that I wrote my first song at her house when I was about 11, and when I started delivering my tapes/cd’s to mixtape spots I would stop by her house to put all the individual copies together. This joint definitely sums up the way I feel. Anyway, I’m working on a dedication EP to be titled ‘House-Shoes’, dropping pretty soon.

R.I.P Mary Adams…always & forever insidesparkle3

‘Sparkle’ [Single]


~ by jsonenubians on February 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dedication”

  1. I somehow stumbled onto your blog and felt a need to leave something behind. Not sure if you will ever read my comment, but if you do – keep your head up! I found your blog on January 26, 2010 and I have just been “diggin your music.” Sifting through your music I found your dedication which is definitely going into the rotation. Loss is never easy, but we go on because we must. “Ma” would have wanted it this way!

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