Vintage Crates Episodes 15 & 16: The Librarian Confessions

Two new Vintage Crates episodes featuring all obscurities from the kpm, deWolfe, Chapelle, Amphonic, & Telemusic libraries.

ap podcast#16

1. Safir Special- Big Ben Bell
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey- Comical Logos
3. Jacques Siroul- Diamant
4. Jean-Jacques Perrey- Les Trois Pierres Blanches
5. Simon Park- Gun Law
6. Vecchio- Nsambei
7. Simon Park- Motivator
8. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- A Little Loving
9. Simon Park- Big Road
10. Duncan Lamont- Sunny Side up
11. Peter Reno- Orange
12. Steve Gray- Sweet Memories
13. The Hawksworth Snell trio- Floating Clear
14. Barbara Moore- Shades-Tones

podcast#16 pt.2

1. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- On The Move
2. Graham Grant- Good Company
3. Alan Parker- Pusher
4. A. Hackshaw- Collect
5. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- Tensions
6. Simon Park- Connection
7. G. Lane- Crash Course
8. Alan Parker- Blue Shadow
9. Simon Park- Slow Ride
10. Barbara Moore- Fly Paradise


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