Vintage Crates Episode #20: ‘Twenty’


  1. Js.One- Allure
  2. New York Disco Machine- Hold Me, Touch Me
  3. Wladimir Cosma- Le Commissaire Et La Putain
  4. Pleasure- 2 For 1
  5. Stark Reality- Too Much Tenderness
  6. Don Julian & The Larks- Make It With You
  7. Marcos Valle- Que Bandiera
  8. African Music Machine- The Dapp
  9. Exmagma- Dance Of The Crabs
  10. L.A Carnival- Flyin’
  11. Mad Cliff- Goin’ To The Disco
  12. 24 Karat Gold- Dance To My Music
  13. Vic Ceasar- Loving You Too
  14. Randy Weston- Caban Bamboo Highlife
  15. Tuca- Cuidado, Malandro
  16. Limonada- Cambiar La Rosa
  17. Laura Nyro- Sexy Mama
  18. The Moments- Sexy Mama
  19. King Sporty & Friends- Young Girl
  20. Little Beaver- Groove On
  21. Js.One- Je Ne Sais Quoi

This, or course, is the twentieth episode of Vintage Crates. It’s all about the love of rare & obscure joints that might’ve otherwise been overlooked or lost in  the annals of time. This episode is more like the first one than any of the subsequent ‘theme’ episodes… just a raw mix of soul, hip-hop, samba, jazz, disco, funk, singer-songwriter, mexican psych, and even some german progressive for good measure. Also, it begins and ends with [ap] originals…both from the Certified Bangers series.

Been in a real productive mood lately…gotta take advantage while it lasts.


~ by jsonenubians on August 18, 2009.

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