Vintage Crates Special Episode: Cassanova Brown Guestmix


  1. Gloria Gaynor- Casanova Brown
  2. James Duke- Hold On
  3. Magic Lady- Give It Up
  4. Alfonzo Jones- Girl, You Are The One
  5. Marz- Make It Right
  6. Ozone- Strutt My Thang
  7. Shock- Got To Have Your Love
  8. Inner Life- I Picked A Winner
  9. Cassanova Brown- Going My Way (Instrumental)
  10. Dynasty- Love In The Fast Lane
  11. High Fasion- Hold On
  12. Cherelle- I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (Instrumental
  13. Cassanova Brown- (Go ‘Head) Boogie Down

Stream/Download Here

I recently asked ‘Nova to do a mix for Vintage Crates. With his debut record ‘Supernova‘ coming out in about two weeks, it seemed like the perfect time to let ya’ll know exactly where he’s coming from. Although, I gotta say after listening to it the first time myself, it sounded like it could be another volume of ‘The Boogie Times‘. I guess that just means we’re on the same page right now, plus that just how he gets down.

Coming Soon:

VC Episode #22: ‘Eu Vim Da Bahia: Bossa nova & Brasilian Jazz’

The Boogie Times vol.3

Cassanova Brown- ‘Supernova


~ by jsonenubians on August 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vintage Crates Special Episode: Cassanova Brown Guestmix”

  1. I was just playing “Casanova Brown” the other day, you gotta be psychic! A lot of heads front because it’s Gloria Gaynor, but she did her thing on that one. Mucho props for coming out the gate with that…

    • Word..couldn’t have said it better. Most cats think of “I Will Survive” and along the lines of disco pop cheese, but this is a solid joint. I actually got into this one from listening to (Kool DJ) Red Alert play this on Hot 97 (NYC) when I was a teenager.

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