Vintage Crates# 24: ‘The Boogie Times vol.4’

1. Universe City- Can You Get Down
2. Baby Brother- Saturday Night
3. Tomorrow’s Edition- Part Time Lover
4. The Strangers- Step Out Of My Dream
5. Sunrize- I Just Wanna Make Sweet Love Tonight
6. Gene Van Buren- Rock The House
7. Bobby Thurston- Check Out The Groove
8. Fat Larry’s Band- Be My Lady
9. Dynasty- Do Me Right
10. Richard Jon Smith- This Is The Moment
11. Jimmy Williams- All Of My Lovin’
12. Jewel- Soon You’ll See The Way


Decided to drop this one today, liven up your Monday.

As mentioned before, check out the Mixcloud exclusive mixes, and ‘Supernova‘ which dropped not too long ago. Got something special in mind for episode #25…our new obsession over here @ [astral projects]. Also, an epic ‘Boogie Times vol.5’ is somewhere on the horizon, but check out 1-4 beforehand.


~ by jsonenubians on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “Vintage Crates# 24: ‘The Boogie Times vol.4’”

  1. STOP PLAYIN’!!!

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