Vintage Crates Episode #26: The Boogie Times vol.5


1. Van Jones- Let’s Go This Go
2. Kwick- Night Life
3. The Mad Lads- You Blew It
4. Toni Smith- I Like The Way It Feels
5. Fat Larry’s Band- Party After Midnight
6. Raven- So In Love
7. Michael Sterling- Desperate
8. Glenn Jones- Love Intensity
9. Dynasty- Give Love To Me
10. Shock- Each And Every Day
11. The Antillies- Let’s Get It On
12. Wish feat. La-Rita Gaskin- Nice & Soft


After five volumes of ‘The Boogie Times, this may very well be the last one…for a while at least. As mentioned before, as fall sets in, we’re feeling different vibes for future VC episodes. With that said, I think this episode is back to back bangers. Probably the apex of ‘The Boogie Times‘ mini-series.

In other [astral projects] related news, there is currently a new ‘Nova record in production, with a single that should be released in a couple weeks, so look for that on the horizon.


~ by jsonenubians on October 16, 2009.

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