Vintage Crates Episode # 31: Forty Deuce Cinema- Grindhouse Funk

1. Buddy Maglione- NYC Main Title (From Cannibal Ferox)
2. Issac Hayes- Main Theme From Three Tough Guys
4. Johnny Pate- Main Title (From Bucktown)
5. Joe Simon- Main Theme From Cleopatra Jones
6. Harry Betts- Black Mama, White Mama
7. Ben Taylor- Ghetto Expressions (From Dolomite)
8. Dennis Coffy- Theme From Black Belt Jones
9. Willie Hutch- Brother’s Gonna Work It Out (From The Mack)
10. Issac Hayes- Persuit Of The Pimpmobile (From Truck Turner)
11. J.J Johnson- Passion’s Dilemma (From Willie Dynamite)

A  new Vintage Crates series: ‘Forty Deuce Cinema‘. The first episode was the Halloween Special Grindhouse Horror. This one is all about that grindhouse (mostly blaxploitation) funk. Also, in the ‘Librarian Confessions‘ has been added to the Mini-Series section.

Stay tuned, there are some hot shows coming up. They will be dropping weekly as the upcoming Js.One & ‘Nova albums are in production.

Up Next:

Episode # 32: 25- Quater Of A Century With Js.One (Js.One Birthday Mix) (‘Nova Guestmix)

Episode #33: The Riddim Selektor (Reggae/Dub/Dancehall/Lover’s Rock)


~ by jsonenubians on November 30, 2009.

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