Vintage Crates Episode #34: Let’s Get Lost: Vocal Jazz


  1. Chet Baker- Let’s Get Lost
  2. King Pleasure- I’m In The Mood For Love
  3. Sarah Vaughn- Your Not The Kind
  4. Beverly Kenney- Do It Again
  5. Billie Holiday- You Go To My Head
  6. Sun Ra  and his Arkestra – Don’t Blame Me
  7. Helen Humes- Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me
  8. Betty Roche- Polkadots And Moonbeams
  9. Miles Davis- You Go To My Head
  10. Ella Fitzgerald- We Can’t Go On This Way
  11. Beverly Kenney- Why Try To Chance Me Now
  12. Billie Holiday- I Can’t Get Started
  13. Chris Connor- I Love You Yes I Do
  14. Peggy Lee- Till There Was You
  15. Mark Murphy- Farmer’s Market

A nice one to cool out with during the holidays.


~ by jsonenubians on December 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Vintage Crates Episode #34: Let’s Get Lost: Vocal Jazz”

  1. I been playing this one since Christmas Day. Real good jazz on here. I can get so stuck on Fusion, I forget about the standards and vocal jazz gems. Thanks as always!

    • True..that’s what I was going for. Strictly vocal joints because sometimes heads forget. Also, that gives me and idea for a fusion show…got some good other shows coming up soon!

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