Vintage Crates #35: Legends of the True-School vol.2: Kings Style


  1. Grandwizard Theodore Intro
  2. The Cold Crush Brothers- Live @ The Dixie
  3. The Treacherous 3- Put The Boogie In Your Body
  4. Luvbug Starski spinning The Furious 5- Super Rappin’ No.2
  5. The Furious 5- Flash It To The Beat
  6. The L Brothers/ DJ Cordio Spinning/Busy Bee Freestyle
  7. The Jazzy 5- Jazzy Sensation
  8. Kay Gee- Freestyle
  9. Funky Four +1- That’s The Joint
  10. Freestyle
  11. The Fantastic 5 Freestyle
  12. The Fantastic 5- Live@ The Dixie
  13. Eddie Cheeba Freestyle
  14. The Younger Generation- We Rap More Mellow

Here we go with the second volume of Legends Of The True-School. This time around it’s all about the Kings Of Style, live performances from the infancy of Hip-Hop in venues like the T-Connection, Harlem World, & the Bronx River projects.

Next week we’ll revisit an older series you may be familiar with.


~ by jsonenubians on December 29, 2009.

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