Vintage Crates Episode# 38: Movie Maker’s Music (The Librarian Confessions pt.3)

Stream/ Download

  1. Desmond Champ- Shades Of Soul
  2. Trevor Bastow- Spring Loaded
  3. Midas Touch- Gentle Rave Down
  4. Paul Savel- Hamburgers
  5. Keith Mansfield- Man Alive
  6. Oliver Trevin- En Vogue
  7. Clear Light Band- Roadhog/ Split Decision
  8. David Snell- Those Sparkling Eyes
  9. Midas Touch- Love Interlude
  10. Siegfried Schwab- Start Of A Love Affair
  11. Jacky Giordano- May Day
  12. Syd Dale- Midsummer Love
  13. James Clarke- Cine Mobile
  14. Lee Mason- Blue Bird
  15. Paul Williams-Spring Morning
  16. Duncan Lamont- Spring Thing
  17. Brian Bennett- Daytrip
  18. Alan Hawkshaw- Move With The Times
  19. Steve Gray- Finding My Feet
  20. Derek Austin- Junl Alley
  21. Geoff Bastow- Rast Breeder

Back to the stacks with a new Librarian Confessions episode. This one features a variety of moods from obscure library labels such as Programme Music, KPM, Montparnasse & Golden Ring to name a few. Also, if you haven’t already, check out Side B from Year One.


~ by jsonenubians on January 25, 2010.

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