Vintage Crates Episode #42: The Boogie Times vol.7 & Return of Subscriptions


1. Distinction- that’s The Way I Like It
2. Second Image- Fall In Love
3. Teddy Pendegrass- You And Me For Right Now
4. James Thomas Society- He’s Gonna Get It
5. David Grant- Holding On
6. Jaye Williams- Let Me Be The One
7. Mad Dog Fire Department- Cosmic Funk
8. Fresh Band- Come Back Lover
9. Take Three- This Good Feeling
10. Prime Time- Spinning
11. Starpoint- I Just Want To Be Your Lover

Had this one on deck for quite a while. I was waiting for the first days of Spring to drop it. Boogie seems to go best with warm weather, and up here in the tri-state, it’s just starting to get warm.

One more good thing to come from the recent hiatus is the return of the Vintage Crates subscription service. You know the deal: to get automatically updated shows downloaded to iTunes (or whatever service you use for podcasts) click here.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the Together Bros. Demos Mix. The full-lenght album ‘Burden of Dreams‘ will be released on April 27th. More info to come shortly.


~ by jsonenubians on April 3, 2010.

One Response to “Vintage Crates Episode #42: The Boogie Times vol.7 & Return of Subscriptions”

  1. Sounds like some 1983 Crack, nah, this is some Free Base!!!

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