Presenting…Together Brothers Burden Of Dreams

  1. Burden Of Dreams (Intro)
  2. The Next Time
  3. King Of Style
  4. Back in The Zone
  5. The Impossible Truth
  6. Waiting To Change
  7. Black Beauty (Interlude)
  8. Black Beauty
  9. Dream Sequence
  10. Lookin’ On The Bright Side
  11. Blacknuss
  12. In The Highest Of Skies
  13. Experience
  14. Standing On The Side

You can download 32okbps mp3, FLAC, and a number of other bit rates.

I’m extremely happy to present to you Together Bros. Burden Of Dreams. This one has been a labor of love, in the works for a about two months (give or take a couple weeks). The way it turned out is equal parts Js.One & ‘Nova, blending boogie, funk, & hip-hop into something inventive and proud to carry the [astral projects] label. To all the bloggers out there, feel free to toss it up, or promote (if so inclined) onto your sites, especially if you feel [ap] or Vintage Crates!

It has also come to my attention in the past couple days that I need to  re-release The Nubians EP The New Flavor from 2006. A proper release for this joint will come in a couple weeks. Until then, enjoy the new Together Bros.


~ by jsonenubians on April 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Presenting…Together Brothers Burden Of Dreams”

  1. Props!!! I got you!!!

  2. Right on time.

  3. Downloading as I type, nothing like good music for the soul.

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