Vintage Crates Episode#46: The Joy Of Dreams


  1. Latins 80- Ride La Citta
  2. Jacky Giordano- Keep Quiet
  3. Michael Longo- Samia
  4. Herb Pilhofer- Pan-Am Suite
  5. Carlos Garnett- Saxy
  6. Bridge- Stella
  7. Ednah Holt- Serious, Sirius, Space Party
  8. Together Bros.- The Next Time
  9. On Stage- Hooked On Your Love
  10. Cheri- No Communication
  11. Loveship- Love So New
  12. Komiko- Feel Alright

Up Next (updated):

Episode#47: Give My Love A Try (05/08/10)

Episode #48: Fly Me To Brazil (05/15/10)

Episode#49: The Riddim Selector vol.2

Also, if your not hip to it yet…Together Bros. Burden Of Dreams


~ by jsonenubians on May 1, 2010.

One Response to “Vintage Crates Episode#46: The Joy Of Dreams”

  1. Pure dope

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