[ap] Reissues

Gotta be honest…after the recent reissue of Js.One’s cobalt blue the idea has come up to reissue some more of the extensive [ap] back catalog, which by all means, isn’t the most organized. So, I’m thinking of a summer reissue series with Js.One’s Down In Rio/ Essex Houses next, which were two separate singles in 2004/2005. It’ll be made into an EP featuring both singles, new mixes of each, and maybe some bonus joints. Available June 1st, 2010.

Down In Rio [Two-Man Suit Version]:

Then, when the dust settles, The Nubians’ The New Flavor (2006) with bonus tracks will be released June, 9th 2010.

Also, this weekend, we’re proud to present our 50th episode of the Vintage Crates series.


~ by jsonenubians on May 27, 2010.

One Response to “[ap] Reissues”

  1. Now this one is a definite trip. Never been to Rio, but I can only imagine. Is is similar to Margaritaville?!

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