Vintage Crates Episode #53: Ryhthmes Africains: Guinea


1. Bembeya Jazz National- N’lanyo
2. Keletigui & Tambourinis- Bebe
3. Horoya Band National- Touraman
4. Camayenne Sofa- Sofa Diarbi
5. Keletigui & Tambourinis- J.R.D.A
6. Super Boiro Band- Singa
7. Le Simandou de Beyla- Dyigui
8. Kolima Jazz de Labe- Dho Wellilan
9. Horoya Band National- La Guinee Horoya
10. Bembeya Jazz National- Tentemba Demba
11. Balla et Ses Balladins- Lumumba

Really feeling 70’s Guinean Orchestras. More @ Sound Of The City

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #54: The Boogie Times vol.8 (06/26/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode #55: La Donna Nel Mundo (Vintage Italian OSTs) (07/03/10)


~ by jsonenubians on June 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Vintage Crates Episode #53: Ryhthmes Africains: Guinea”

  1. Nice. You ever check out that Moussa Doumbia joint I gave you?

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