Vintage Crates Episode #58: 1984


1. World’s Famous Supreme Team- Hey DJ
2. The Sonarphonics- Super Breaker
3. The Cold Crush Brothers- Fresh, Fly, Wild & Bold
4. Captain Rock- Cosmic Blast
5. Dj Hollywood- Hollywood’s Message
6. Arthur Baker- Jazzy Breakdown
7. Ultimate 3 MC’s- What Are We Gonna Do
8. Donald D- The Groove
9. Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars- Here Comes The Beat
10. Cindy Mizelle- This Could Be The Night

This week’s episode was inspired primarily by the Beat Street post over @ Sound Of The City…which has some fresh new material for you to check out. Also, if your a VC subscriber, update your links…we’ve got a new server.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #59: Panorama du Mali (Malian Orchestras)
  • Vintage Crates Episode #60: APM (Librarian Confessions vol.4)
  • Vintage Crates Special: [astral projects] Anneversary (08/21/10)

~ by jsonenubians on July 24, 2010.

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