Vintage Crates Episode #63: Rhythemes Africains No.4: Rhumba Ritmo


1. Les Bantous -J’ai Trompe Mon Amour
2. Grand Kalle et l’African Jazz- Jamais Kolonga
3. Les Bantous- Occasion Lokola Yo
4. Franco et l’O.K. Jazz- Lobi Na Tongo
5. African Fiesta- Vivo Africa
6. Les Bantous- Na Zonga Na Motema
7. Grand Kalle et l’African Jazz- Laora
8. Sam Mangwana- Mokolo Nakokufa
9. Franco- Course Au Pouvior
10. Le Negro Band- Gillette Ya Le 3 Mai
11. Simarro & Orchestra Kongo Jazz- Simarocca
12. R. Braing & Orchestra Kongo Jazz- La Bella Lucie Botayi
13. Ales Bantous- Ritmo Bantou
14. Max Massengo- Louisa To Bokolo Bana
15. Les Bantous- Bantous Pachanga
16. Orchestra Congo 68 de Jonny- FC Dragons

This week we have some of my favorite styles from the motherland: Congolese Rhumba, Soukous, and Afro-Cuban. This one will be the last Rhythmes Africains for a little while as fall begins to step in.

As mentioned before, there will be more [ap] anniversary material coming soon so be on the lookout for that.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #64: The Last Wave
  • Stony Watson- True To Desire (September 21, 2010)
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