Vintage Crates Episode #67: Stony Watson Guestmix

1. Ted Coleman Band- If We Took The Time
2. Arnold Blair- Trying To Get Next To You
3. Michal Urbaniak- Wants To Make You Feel Good
4. Gayle Adams- Your Love Is A Life Saver
5. Franco Bixio- Break
6. Micheal White- Space Slide
7. Bobby Womack-That’s The Way I Feel About Cha
8. Sylvia- Gimme A Little Action
9. Keletigui- Guaguanco a Todos Los Barrios
10. Ralph MacDonald- Where is The Love
11. Ripple- The Beat Goes On And On

Stony @ the controls for this one, be sure to get into True To Desire, released last Tuesday.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #68 (19/02/10)

~ by jsonenubians on September 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Vintage Crates Episode #67: Stony Watson Guestmix”

  1. Very dope, all of the work AP puts in is much appreciated

  2. Thanks homie! Your support is appreciated.

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