Vintage Crates Special Episode: Seventy Five


1. The Valentinos- I Can Understand It
2. Staples Singers- Message In Our Music
3. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Jalouise
4. Sun Ra- Chicago
5. Novi Singers- Like A Dream In The Sky
6. Johnny Hammond- Cosmic Voyager
7. Taxie- Rock Don’t Stop
8. The Keith Diamond Band- The Dip
9. Melvin Moore- All Of A Sudden
10. Percy & Them- Look In The Mirror Of My Eyes
11. Annette Peacock- Solar Systems
12. Bama The Village Poet- Nothingness
13. Bembeya Jazz National- Rokhoya
14. Bolo Sete- Rico Vacilon
15. Take Three- Tonight’s The Night


Our seventy fifth episode today. Also, if you haven’t yet, cop the new [astral projects] sampler.


~ by jsonenubians on November 20, 2010.

One Response to “Vintage Crates Special Episode: Seventy Five”

  1. the first joint had me open immediately. I think I’ve heard I Can Understand It, by everybody BUT The Valentinos. Crazy!!

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