Vintage Crates Episode #76: Places & Faces


1. Ella Fitzgerald- Manhattan
2. Les Baxter- Copacabana Surfboard
3. Erlon Chaves- The Girl From Paramarimbo
4. Roy Ayers- We Live In Brooklyn Baby
5. Pierro Piccioni- Mexican Dream/ Tears In Rome
6. Sun Ra- Autumn In New York
7. Syd Dale- Scene In Manhattan
8. Fred Bongusto- Spaghetti A Detroit
9. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti- Peking Strut
10. Alan Hawkshaw- Next Stop L.A
11. Franco Micalizzi- Flying To Miami
12. Silver Convention- San Francisco Hustle
13. Hi Tension- British Hustle
14. Incognito- Parisienne Girl

This week’s episode is a flight around the world, featuring mostly laid-back styles. In other news, there’s a new section for Stony, be sure to check out his personal blog if you haven’t already. Next week we’re gonna have another Nova guestmix for a special occasion…expect heat.

Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #77: The Gift Mix (Nova Guestmix) (12/04/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Boogie, Jazz, & Bossa Nova) (12/11/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 (12/18/10)

~ by jsonenubians on November 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Vintage Crates Episode #76: Places & Faces”

  1. absolutely perfect! perfect for the holidays too. blessings.

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