Vintage Crates Episode #77: The Giftmix (…with love from Nova)


1. Larry McGee Revolution- The Burg
2. Jay Berliner- Mr. Cool
3. Brief Encounter- We Want To Play
4. Leprechaun- Loc-It-Up
5. UK Players- So Good To Be Alive
6. Dayton- The Sound Of Music
7. Beaver & Krause- As I Hear It
8. Michel Boyibanda- Ven y ven y ven
9. Orchestre Rocamambo- Rumba Quiero
10. Rene Alvarez- Mi China Si
11. Mahotella Queens- Zwe Kumusha
12. Ted Sommer- Brazilian Nights
13. Brenda Lee Eager- When I’m With You
14. The Edwards Generation- You’re the One For Me
15. Midnight Movers, Unlimited- Lost For Words
16. Jerline & Friends- Joy Trip (part 1)
17. Cojo- Play It By Ear
18. Jaymz Bedford- Happy Music
19. Bridge- Turn To Love
20. Darwin’s Theory- I Love Everything About You
21. Robert Hall Productions- The Good Days

From Nova

This mix is for Js.One’s birthday next week, a mix of the type of joints he has in heavy rotation right now, maybe something for a spontaneous dance party. However, like the title suggests, this is the “gift-mix” and is also dedicated to all VC and [astral projects] fans ’cause music really is the best gift.

Thanks homie, this one has definitely got me gassed! Next week’s show will feature some of the best in Japanese boogie, jazz, & bossa nova, and the week after will be a special show: Episode #79: Holiday For Soul Dance featuring Sun Ra for your holiday.

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Up Next:

  • Vintage Crates Episode #78: Mind Trip: Nippon no aji (Japanese Boogie, Jazz, & Bossa Nova) (12/11/10)
  • Vintage Crates Episode#79 Holiday For Soul Dance (12/18/10)

~ by jsonenubians on December 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Vintage Crates Episode #77: The Giftmix (…with love from Nova)”

  1. Another crazy set. The Funk is strong with Astral Projects. I’m looking forward to the next podcasts, even more. I hope Ago is on the Japanese boogie set, if not I know it will still be dope. Sun Ra?! Come on son, you killing em!

  2. Oh yeah, Happy B-Day in advance Js.One!!!

  3. haha thanks homie

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