Vintage Crates Episode# 81: Congo Ritmo vol.2: Rumba On The River

1. OK Jazz- Motema na M.J.
2. Vicky et l’OK Jazz- A Moins Que Namikosa
3. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Linda-Linda
4. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Calu Wa Essous
5. Ry-Co Jazz- Bana Biafra
6. African Rock- Bolingo Etumbu
7. OK Jazz- Montema ya fa fa
8. African Fiesta- Arsene Dionge
9. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Mobembo Mabe Boye
10. Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Rock-a-Mambo
11. Brazzos et l’OK Jazz- Cuidado Cona Mallo
12.Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Nico & Rock-a-Mambo- Li dvo Maravilla
13. Ry-Co Jazz- Caramba da mi Vida
14. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Miguel Canta
15. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Comite Rock-a-Mambo
16. African Fiesta- Sey Sey
17. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Bolingo mpe Eskosaka
18. Ry-Co Jazz- Mambe
19. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Mi Paralitico

This week we have the second volume of Congo Ritmo (the first was a Rhythemes Africains epiosode). This one focuses on 50’s & 60’s Congolese rumba (with some bolero & cha cha as well).

In other news, the big Vintage Crates two year anniversary is coming in two weeks!


~ by jsonenubians on January 8, 2011.

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