Vintage Crates Episode #86: The Librarian confessions vol.6

1. F. McDonald & C. Rae- The Jam
2. Rovi- Odeon
3. Simon Park- Border Line
4. Jerry Mengo- Ride in Rotten Row
5. Brian Dee- Tina
6. Panther- Skytrain
7. Anthony King- Funktion Junktion
8. Juan Pablo Torres- Echale Salsita
9. Orchester Helmuth Brandenburg- Pep Talk
10. The Fine Machine- Wait For Me
11. Remigo Drucos- Dedicato a un Prete Moderno
12. Dick Walter- Fat Man
13. W. Gogolewski- Amble Along
14. L. Cappelloto- Errie Night
15. Yvon Rioland & Jean-Marie Hauser- Apple Way
16. Otto Weiss- Flying Through The Air
17. The Rainbow Orchestra- Young People
18. Dave Sarkys- Canadian Colours Theme #2
19. John Fiddy- Pop Pogression

Another Librarian Confessions this week, be sure to look out for a preview mix of the upcoming Js.One project (as well as an official announcement) in the next week or two. Until then check out the first demo joint ‘The Essence’:

Up next:

  • Mind Trip: The Antillies
  • Legends Of The True-School vol.3


~ by jsonenubians on February 19, 2011.

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