Vintage Crates Episode #87: Mind Trip- Antilles Anchante


1. Les Loups Noirs- Lilico
2. Nemours Jean-Baptiste- La Trompeuse
3. Webert Sicot- Michaelle
4. Tabou Combo de Petion-Ville- Respect
5. Exile One- You Have Lost The Battle
6. Les Loups Noirs- Chaque Jour
7. Webert Sicot- Palladium Direct
8. Nemours Jean-Baptiste- Contredance
9. Les Vikings de la Guadeloupe- Assez Pale
10. Eric Cossaque- Guadaloupe Ile de Mes Amours
11. Les Loups Noirs- Demain je t’attends
12. Coupe Cloue- Mon Compe-Ti Bom

This week we have another Mind Trip, this time to some of the Antilles specifically Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique, & Dominica. This episode features styles like Kompas, Kadans, mini-jazz, & more.

Stay tuned for the preview mix of the upcoming Js.One project available this week!


~ by jsonenubians on February 26, 2011.

One Response to “Vintage Crates Episode #87: Mind Trip- Antilles Anchante”

  1. Pure dope

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