Vintage Crates Episode #89: Vem Balançar: Bossa Nova Europa América e os Cariocas


1. Les Masques- Bal Chez Le Baron
2. Chris Montez- Call Me
3. The Silhouettes- Sally’s Tomato
4. Marcello Gigante- Bossa In California
5. The Third Wave- Waves Lament
6. Nick Ayoub- Bossa Nova nr.12
7. Novi Singers- How Could We Return To The Past Moment
8. Mapressa Dawn- Petit Quica
9. Sylvia Vrethammar- Sylvia’s Samba
10. Aldemaro Romero- Sweet Madness
11. Luiz Carlos Vinhas- Amazonas
12. Elis Regina- Devagar Com a Louça
13. Bossa Três- Outra Vez
14. João Donato- Rio
15. Vera Brasil- Samba Bom
16. Os Intocaveis- Devagar Com a Louça
17. Ed Lincoln- Olhou Pra Mim
18. Luiz Henrique- Alicinha
19. Os Cariocas- Tema Para Quatro
20. Dick Farney- Voce
21. Eils Regina- Vem Balancar

This week kicks off a new series dedicated to Bossa Nova. Number one is dedicated to “obscure-ish” European & American joints in the first half, and more “classic-ish” Brazilian tracks on the other. Next week’s show will also feature a new series, this one dedicated to early moog and synth music called “Electric Love”.

In other [ap] news, the preview to the latest Js.One project I’ve been promising will finally be available Tuesday this week (03/15/11).

Up Next:

  • Strange World In My Mind Preview (Js.One) (03/15/11)
  • Vintage Crates Episode #90: Electric Love vol.1
  • Vintage Crates Episode #91: Mind Trip: Angola

~ by jsonenubians on March 12, 2011.

One Response to “Vintage Crates Episode #89: Vem Balançar: Bossa Nova Europa América e os Cariocas”

  1. This Bossa Nova set is so dope, it would make Quincy Jones mad!

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