Vintage Crates Episode #90: Electric Love vol.1


1. Jean-Jaques Perrey- Indicatif Spatial
2. White Noise- Love Without Sound
3. Claude Denjean- Let’s Stay Together
4. Giampiero Boneschi- Moderato Catabile
5. Mort Garson- The Unexplained
6. Richard Hayman & Walter Sear- Dansero
7. Electronic Concept Orchestra- Grazing In The Grass/Goin’ Out Of My Head
8. John Murtaugh- The Floater
9. The Electrosoniks- Orbit Aurora
10. Paul Bley- Mr. Joy
11. Jean-Jaques Perrey- Berceuse Pour un Bebe Robot Jean
12. Giampiero Boneschi- Modulation On A Theme
13. David Perian & Alberto Baldan- Last Pop Tango
14. John Baker- Tom-Tom
15. Bruno Spoerri- Hallo World
16. Richard Hayman & Walter Sear- The Look Of Love
17. Mort Garson- Rhapsody In Green
18. Jean- Jaques Perrey- Nola


~ by jsonenubians on March 19, 2011.

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