VC 100: Boogie Times Promo

For our upcoming 100th episode of Vintage Crates (available 05/28/11), I’ve decided to create a series of video promos for the Vintage Crates mini-series. First one is for The Boogie Times.


~ by jsonenubians on May 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “VC 100: Boogie Times Promo”

  1. Educate ’em son! Remind us about that good ole 70’s upbringing. House parties, block parties, non stop music, good food and all the shit we just don’t do anymore. The important thing about the 70’s is black folks got along together. Even though I was a kid, I still have fond memories. I really REALLY love this promo, and Boogie Times is my favorite series, you already know!

  2. haha..word, i’m glad your feeling it. These videos are kinda tricky to make right. But I think this one came out good. Gotta spread the word!

  3. The video is awesome! I can’t wait to hear the podcast! Congrats on 100!

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