Vintage Crates Special: Brother Soul


This one is dedicated to the memory of Gil Scott-Heron, an artist who has been a huge influence to me personally. Simple words can’t express the magic he created through his music & poetry.

Rest in Power.

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  • Vintage Crates Special Episode # 100 (Later Today)

~ by jsonenubians on May 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “Vintage Crates Special: Brother Soul”

  1. Rest in power my brother…

  2. Like you, I was really touched and moved by his words and music. This is a great tribute. When I lost my dad last year, I used to listen to the “Parents” interlude from his album “I’m New Here” over and over again and it really helped me. Rest in Power Gil-Scott Heron!

    • Thanks for your story. “Lady Day & John Coltrane” has meant alot to me, as I felt the words were so direct to what I was feeling.

  3. If you’re feeling just down and out and don’t know just what to dooo-ooo!

    Gil’s telling people pull them Coltrane and Billie Holiday records out, maybe we’ll feel better. I couldn’t agree more, I love the message of that joint too. Valerie, I’ve heard the new album a few times, but after hearing your story, that’s a good reason for me to own that record.

  4. […] Check out Astral Projects Vintage Crates Special: Brother Soul for a great tribute to Gil […]

  5. […] Check out Astral Projects Vintage Crates Special: Brother Soul for the good reverence to Gil […]

  6. All of Gil’s records are great. His sound has always amazed and captivated me. I’ve been listening to his records non stop for the last week.

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