The Nubians The New Flavor Reissue


1. Against All Odds
2.Moon Dance
3. Cheeba Funk
4. Damn Right, I’m Fly
5. 125th St. Soul

I am proud to present to reissue of The Nubians debut record from 2006, The New Flavor. The EP was initially released on CD & lossless web release.

The Nubians is comprised of Js.One, Stony Watson, & Otis ‘Bassy’ jr at it’s core, and was formed as [ap]’s resident funk band. The band’s influences range from afro-beat, to Larry Graham style bass, to the afro-futurism of Sun Ra.


~ by jsonenubians on July 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Nubians The New Flavor Reissue”

  1. This is a really dope project! I heard it earlier this week, and I’m just now getting to my comment. I love when y’all go through the archives. Your style is so next level, your old shit sounds fresher than the new shit people are putting out. Keep doing y’all thing!!

    • Thanks homie, I’m glad your feelin’ this one. It’s a special joint in the AP catalog I needed to bring back!

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