About [astral projects]


[astral projects] Records is an independent record label founded by musician/producer Js.One in 2001 from the former Js Productions. The styles of the music released since it’s inception range from hip-hop,to acoustic/indie rock, to jazz-funk/fusion, to afro-beat funk (The Nubians), and a complex combination of each.

The first [astral projects] album release was Js.One’s ‘cobalt blue’ in 2001. Since then there has been around 30 releases mostly by Js.One, although other artists The Nubians, and Sparks also contribute greatly to the catalog.

AP also features a regular podcast of obscure and rare records “[astral projects] Vintage Crates”, which delves into many styles from mostly the 1960’s-80’s such as funk, jazz, samba, true-school hip-hop, library, disco, psych, and the avant-gard.

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