Episodes (#26-#50)


1. Van Jones- Let’s Go This Go
2. Kwick- Night Life
3. The Mad Lads- You Blew It
4. Toni Smith- I Like The Way It Feels
5. Fat Larry’s Band- Party After Midnight
6. Raven- So In Love
7. Michael Sterling- Desperate
8. Glenn Jones- Love Intensity
9. Dynasty- Give Love To Me
10. Shock- Each And Every Day
11. The Antillies- Let’s Get It On
12. Wish feat. La-Rita Gaskin- Nice & Soft


Special Halloween episode featuring selections from Suspiria, The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, Blacula, Zombi 2, The Retun Of The Living Dead & more!

ap podcast feelin mellow

1. Ike White- Happy Face
2. Johnny “Guitar” Watson- Polkadots & Moonbeams
3. Weldon Irvine- Feelin’ Mellow
4. Ahmad Jamal- I’m Alone With You
5. Leon Thomas- Let The Rain Fall On Me
6. Chet Baker- It Can Happen To You
7. Delicatessen- Your Getting To Be A Habbit With Me
8. Art Tatumn- You Go To My Head
9. Bill Evans- How Am I To Know
10. Charlie Parker- Just Friends
11. Sun Ra- Dreams Come True


Jazz themes for 60’s-70’s mostly Italian soundtracks.

1. Sandro Brungolini- Robert’s Idea (from Gil Arcangeli)
2. Martial Solal- Olga (from Echappment Libre)
3. Piero Piccioni- Acapulco (from Colpo Rovente)
4. Ennio Morricone- Un Po’ A’ironia Acida (from D’Amore Si Muore)
5. Bruno Nicolai- I Want It All (from Femmine Insaziabili 1970)
6. Piero Umiliani- Volto Di Donna (from La Ragazza Fuori Strada)
7. Berto Pisano – La Sogliera Dell’ Amore (from Interrabang)
8. Stelvio Cipriani- Mary’s Theme
9. G. & M. De Angelis- Manomozza is Discovered (from Piedone Lo Sbirro)
10. Ennio Morricone- Sospesi Nel Cielo (from I Malamondo)
11. Nico Fidenco – Samba Safari (from Black Emmanuelle’s Groove)
12. Gato Barbieri- Last Tango In Paris Suite pt.1/Picture In The Rain (from Last Tango In Paris)
13. Piero Piccioni – Malinconico Slow (Versione 1) (from Polvere Di Stelle)
14. Martial Solal – A Bout de Souffle- David et Olga (from Echappement libre)
15. Sandro Brungolini- Infedeli (from Gil Arcangel)


True-School Hip-Hop joints from ’79-’82.
1. Luvbug Starski- Positive Life
2. The Fearless Four- It’s Magic
3. Bobby Demo- Party Rap
4. Star Quality & Class- Betcha Got A Dude On The Side
5. Otis Williams- I Love The Way You Love Me
6. Super 3- Standing On The Top
7. Mistafide- Equidity Funk
8. Kool Kyle The Starchild & The Disco Dolls- Do You Like That Funky Beat
9. Jocko- Rhythm Talk


Some of the finest in grindhouse/exploitation funk themes.

1. Buddy Maglione- NYC Main Title
2. Issac Hayes- Main Theme From Three Tough Guys
3. Johnny Pate- Main Title
4. Joe Simon- Main Theme From Cleopatra Jones
5. Harry Betts- Black Mama, White Mama
6. Ben Taylor- Ghetto Expressions
7. Dennis Coffey- Main Theme (ver.2)
8. Willie Hutch- Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
9. Issac Hayes- Persuit Of The Pimpmobile
10.J.J Johnson- Passion’s Dilemma


Special Js.One birthday guestmix by Nova featuring library, boogie, funk, & jazz.


A collection of reggae riddims with different tunes to use them over the years.

1. Vivian Jones- Legalize Ganja
2. Don Carlos- Money & Woman
3. Sugar Minott- Hang On Natty
4. Gregory Issacs- Slavemaster
5. I-Roy- Pusherman
6. Jacob Miller- I’m Just A Dread
7. Sugar Minott- Give Me Jah Jah
8. Alton & Hortense Ellis- Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
9. Jacob Miller- Keep On Kocking
10. Bob Marley & The Wailers- Hypocrites
11. Barrington Levy- Don’t Fuss Nor Fight
12. Roland Alphonso- Jah Shakey
13. Cornell Campbell- Girl Of My Dreams
14. Hugh Mundell- King Of Israel
15. Carlton Livingston- Marie
16. Trevor Junior- Love At First Sight
17. Al Campbell- Me Nah Give Up

    1. Chet Baker- Let’s Get Lost
    2. King Pleasure- I’m In The Mood For Love
    3. Sarah Vaughn- Your Not The Kind
    4. Beverly Kenney- Do It Again
    5. Billie Holiday- You Go To My Head
    6. Sun Ra  and his Arkestra – Don’t Blame Me
    7. Helen Humes- Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me
    8. Betty Roche- Polkadots And Moonbeams
    9. Miles Davis- You Go To My Head
    10. Ella Fitzgerald- We Can’t Go On This Way
    11. Beverly Kenney- Why Try To Chance Me Now
    12. Billie Holiday- I Can’t Get Started
    13. Chris Connor- I Love You Yes I Do
    14. Peggy Lee- Till There Was You
    15. Mark Murphy- Farmer’s Market

1. Grandwizard Theodore Intro
2. The Cold Crush Brothers- Live @ The Dixie
3. The Treacherous 3- Put The Boogie In Your Body
4. Luvbug Starski spinning The Furious 5- Super Rappin’ No.2
5. The Furious 5- Flash It To The Beat
6. The L Brothers/ DJ Cordio Spinning/Busy Bee Freestyle
7. The Jazzy 5- Jazzy Sensation
8. Kay Gee- Freestyle
9. Funky Four +1- That’s The Joint
10. Freestyle
11. The Fantastic 5 Freestyle
12. The Fantastic 5- Live@ The Dixie
13. Eddie Cheeba Freestyle
14. The Younger Generation- We Rap More Mellow

1. Phenomenal- One Two Three (Come See About Me)
2. Cuzz Band- I Just Wanna Dance
3. Wanda- I Must Be Dreaming
4. The Antilles – I’ve Got To Have You
5. Stephanie Mills- What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin
6. Geri Logan- Come And Get It
7. Donna McGhee- Mr. Blindman
8. Suzy Q- Come Let’s Have A Party
9. The Batiste Brothers Band- Pary Down
10. Glen Jones- You’re the Only One I love
11. Aleem feat. Leroy Burgess- Hooked On Your Love

Side A

1. Sunlovers- I Want To Be (Your Love)
2. Kadenza- Let’s Do It
3. BBRA- Rockaboogiebabyboppa
4. Pierce Brothers- Party Person
5. Mike T- Do It Any Way You Wanna
6. Times Square- Your Hot
7. Roy Porter- Panama
8. Carlos Garnett- Black Love
9. João Donato- Amazonas/ Cadê Jodel
10. Brazilian Singers- Camisa 10
11. Jennifer Lara- Consider Me
12. Delroy Wilson- I Don’t Know Why
13. Ernest Ranglin- Ranglin’ Doodlin’

Side B

1. Monk Higgins- Sheba Baby
2. Charles Earland- Kung Fusion
3. Francis Lai- Le Voyou
4. Pierro Piccioni- Tears In Brazil
5. Puccio Rolens- Switch Off
6. Keith Mansfield- Breezin’
7. Dave Gold- Silk Stream
8. Erroll Garner- I’ll Remember April
9. Chet Baker- Look For The Silver Lining
10. Sarah Vaughan- If This Isn’t Love
11. Francisco Auguabella- Image Of A Star
12. Joe Bataan- Special Girl
13. Cassanova Brown- Fine Tuning
14. Js.One- Je Ne Sais Quoi
15. The Nubians- Cheeba Funk
16. Outro

1. Desmond Champ- Shades Of Soul
2. Trevor Bastow- Spring Loaded
3. Midas Touch- Gentle Rave Down
4. Paul Savel- Hamburgers
5. Keith Mansfield- Man Alive
6. Oliver Trevin- En Vogue
7. Clear Light Band- Roadhog/ Split Decision
8. David Snell- Those Sparkling Eyes
9. Midas Touch- Love Interlude
10. Siegfried Schwab- Start Of A Love Affair
11. Jacky Giordano- May Day
12. Syd Dale- Midsummer Love
13. James Clarke- Cine Mobile
14. Lee Mason- Blue Bird
15. Paul Williams-Spring Morning
16. Duncan Lamont- Spring Thing
17. Brian Bennett- Daytrip
18. Alan Hawkshaw- Move With The Times
19. Steve Gray- Finding My Feet
20. Derek Austin- Junl Alley
21. Geoff Bastow- Rast Breeder

1. The Lounge Lizards- Bob The Bob
2. Liquid Liquid- Optimo
3. Kid Creole & The Coconuts- Stool Pigeon
4. Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Slipped Disc
5. The Bloods- Button Up
7. Material- Reduction
8. Kid Creole & The Coconuts- I’m Corrupt
9. Lizzy Mercier Descloux- Payola
10. Coati Mundi- Que Pasa/Me No Pop I

1. Mahavishnu Orchestra- Cosmic Strut
2. Bruno Spoerri- Les Electroniciens
3. Steve Grossman- Zulu Stomp
4. Bernie Maupin- You Know The Deal
5. Miles Davis- Sanctuary
6. Ruphus- Flying Colours
7. Jeff Beck- Led Boots
8. Charles Earland- Elizabeth
9. Wlodek Gulgowski- Manhattan Vibes

1. Distinction- that’s The Way I Like It
2. Second Image- Fall In Love
3. Teddy Pendegrass- You And Me For Right Now
4. James Thomas Society- He’s Gonna Get It
5. David Grant- Holding On
6. Jaye Williams- Let Me Be The One
7. Mad Dog Fire Department- Cosmic Funk
8. Fresh Band- Come Back Lover
9. Take Three- This Good Feeling
10. Prime Time- Spinning
11. Starpoint- I Just Want To Be Your Lover

1. Jakki- Sun Sun Sun
2. Cheri- Give It To me Baby
3. Something Special- Come Make It Feel Good
4. Lisa Warrington- I Like The Way You Do It
5. Ahzz- New York’s Movin’
6. Together Bros.- Black Beauty
7. Heatwave- Raise A Blazé
8. Pennye Ford- Spend My Time With You
9. Wood Brass & Steel- my Darling Baby
10. Tony Silvester & The New Ingredient- Verry White
11. Skyy- Show Me The Way

1. Charisma ft. Brenda Watts- Love Treatment
2. The Joneses- Summer Groove
3. The Brothers- Under The Skin
4. Candy Bowman- I Wanna Feel Your Love
5. Hotluv- You Do It Right
6. Saturday Night Band- Come On Dance, Dance
7. Dunn Pearson Jr- Groove On Down
8. Greg Henderson- Dreamin’

1. Satin- Your Love’s Got Me
2. The Admirations- Don’t Leave me
3. Bobby Paterson- I’m In Love With You
4. Lee Moses- I Can’t Take No Chances
5. The Ethics- That’s The Way Love Goes
6. Andrea Henry- I Need You Like A Baby
7. Frankie Karl & The Dreams- Don’t Be Afraid
8. Marion Sodd- Permanent Vacation
9. Bobby Patterson- I Get My Groove From you
10. The Masqueraders- One More Chance
11. Laura Nyro- Jimmy Mack
12. Sunny & The Sunlighters- Should I Take You Home
13. Linda Jones- It Won’t Take Much
14. The Royal Five- Gonna Keep Loving You
15. Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers- Malinda
16. Barbra Stant & Group- You Know I Love You
17. Sly, Slick & Wicked- Sho Nuff
18. Will Hatcher- You Haven’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Like The Love Your Gonna Get)
19. Jerry Washington- Don’t Waste My Time
20. Pages- Heartaches & Pain

1. Latins 80- Ride La Citta
2. Jacky Giordano- Keep Quiet
3. Michael Longo- Samia
4. Herb Pilhofer- Pan-Am Suite
5. Carlos Garnett- Saxy
6. Bridge- Stella
7. Ednah Holt- Serious, Sirius, Space Party
8. Together Bros.- The Next Time
9. On Stage- Hooked On Your Love
10. Cheri- No Communication
11. Loveship- Love So New
12. Komiko- Feel Alright

1. Lauraine (Pinky)- I’ve Got To Let Him Know
2. Nina Decosta- Don’t Want To Lose You
3. Winston Reedy- Baby Love
4. Arema- In Love
5. Cassandra- Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done
6. Sonia- Ooh Baby Baby
7. Brown Sugar- Hello Stranger
8. Sylvia Tella- Stars In Your Eyes
9. Dean Fraser- Love Won’t Let Me Wait
10. Barry Biggs- Love Come Down
11. Trevor Walters- Love Me Tonight’
12. Jennifer Lara- I Am In Love
13. Marcia Griffiths- Tell Me Now
14. Samantha Rose- I Can’t Believe I’m Losing You
15. Horace Andy- Show And Tell

1. Emilio Santiago- Batendo a Porta
2. Hermeto Pascoal- As Borboletas
3. Joao Donato- Deixei Recado
4. Cartola- Enquanto Deus Consentir
5. Joao Gilberto- Lobo Bobo
6. Eumir Deodato- E Vem o Sol
7. Bola Sete- Molambo
8. Milton Nascimento- Clube Da Esquina n.2
9. Nelson Cavaquinho- Caminhando
10. Novos Baianos- Isto Aqui O Que e
11. Paulo Diniz- Bonus
12. Anescar do Salgueiro- Peco Licenca
13. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi- Trinta por Cento
14. Banda Black Rio- Miss. Cheryl
15. Eviniha- So Quero
16. Joao Donato- Me Deixa
17. Casssiano- Onda
18. Bola Sete- Minha Saudade
19. Luiz Bonfa- Enchanted Mirror
20. Marcos Valle- Naturalmente

1. Freddie McGreggor- Bandulo
2. Frankie Wilmoth- Stay With Me
3. The Silvertones & Sound Dimension- Stop Crying
4. Jackie Mittoo- Good Feeling
5. Johnny Osbourne- Forgive Them
6. Dub Specialist- Them-a-Ling
7. Horace Andy- Natty Dread A Weh She Want
8. The Tamilins- Hurting Me
9. Earl Sixteen- Musically Crucial
10. Carlton & The Shoes- Love Me Forever
11. Freddie Mc Greggor- Africa Here I Come
12. Sound Dimension- Full Up
13. Frankie Paul- Rub-a-Dub With Feelings
14. Earnest Wilson- Undying Love
15. Earnest Ranglin- Straight Flush
16. Glen Washington- Surprise Surprise
17. Lennie Hibbert- Real Hot

1. Milton Hamilton- Crystalize
2. Peter Jacques- Sudwind
3. Louise Murray- Did You Notice
4. Steve Gray- Sunny Summer
5. Wanda Sa- Vivo Sonhando
6. Gregory James- Happy Baby
7. Piero Piccioni- Io So Che Tu Sai Che Io So
8. Keith Mansfield- Night Bird
9. Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger- Rieka
10. Lizzy Mercier Descloux- It’s You Sort Of
11. Lou Ragland- Just For Being You
12. Roy Porter- Hense-Forth
13. Francisco Aguabella- Don’t Let Them Fool You
14. Bill Watrous Big Band- Sho
15. Clear Light Band- Way Ahead
16. Geoff Bastow- Broken Bossa
17. Stark Reality- Say Brother
18. Eddie Warner- Wood Choppers
19. Willow Band- Willowman
20. Lafayette Afro Rock Band-Ozan Koukle
21. Cassanova Brown- Going My Way
22. Together Bros.- Black Beauty
23. Js.One- Allure
24. Sandra Sa- Guarde Minha Voz
25. Bilalian Express- Disco Nights
26. Herbie Hancock- Come Running To Me

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