Episodes (#76-#100)

1. Ella Fitzgerald- Manhattan
2. Les Baxter- Copacabana Surfboard
3. Erlon Chaves- The Girl From Paramarimbo
4. Roy Ayers- We Live In Brooklyn Baby
5. Pierro Piccioni- Mexican Dream/ Tears In Rome
6. Sun Ra- Autumn In New York
7. Syd Dale- Scene In Manhattan
8. Fred Bongusto- Spaghetti A Detroit
9. Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti- Peking Strut
10. Alan Hawkshaw- Next Stop L.A
11. Franco Micalizzi- Flying To Miami
12. Silver Convention- San Francisco Hustle
13. Hi Tension- British Hustle
14. Incognito- Parisienne Girl

1. Larry McGee Revolution- The Burg
2. Jay Berliner- Mr. Cool
3. Brief Encounter- We Want To Play
4. Leprechaun- Loc-It-Up
5. UK Players- So Good To Be Alive
6. Dayton- The Sound Of Music
7. Beaver & Krause- As I Hear It
8. Michel Boyibanda- Ven y ven y ven
9. Orchestre Rocamambo- Rumba Quiero
10. Rene Alvarez- Mi China Si
11. Mahotella Queens- Zwe Kumusha
12. Ted Sommer- Brazilian Nights
13. Brenda Lee Eager- When I’m With You
14. The Edwards Generation- You’re the One For Me
15. Midnight Movers, Unlimited- Lost For Words
16. Jerline & Friends- Joy Trip (part 1)
17. Cojo- Play It By Ear
18. Jaymz Bedford- Happy Music
19. Bridge- Turn To Love
20. Darwin’s Theory- I Love Everything About You
21. Robert Hall Productions- The Good Days

1. Toshiki Kadomatsu- Step Into The Light
2. Katsuhisa Hattori- 500,000,000 Jpn
3. Miki Sugimoto- 女番長流れ者
4. Kazu Matsui Project- Midnight Shuffle
5. Goto Yoshiko- Aquarius
6. Kimiko Kasai- I Felt You Glancin’
7. Yuji Ohno- Route 101
8. Tatsuro Yamashita- Daydream
9. Ryo Kawasaki- Trinkets & Things
10. Noriki- Do What You Do
11. Terumasa Hino- Send Me Your Feelings
12. Yellow Magic Orchestra- Simoon
13. Tatsuro Yamashita- Love Talkin’

1. OK Jazz- Motema na M.J.
2. Vicky et l’OK Jazz- A Moins Que Namikosa
3. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Linda-Linda
4. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Calu Wa Essous
5. Ry-Co Jazz- Bana Biafra
6. African Rock- Bolingo Etumbu
7. OK Jazz- Montema ya fa fa
8. African Fiesta- Arsene Dionge
9. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Mobembo Mabe Boye
10. Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Rock-a-Mambo
11. Brazzos et l’OK Jazz- Cuidado Cona Mallo
12.Kabaselle & Rossignol w/ Nico & Rock-a-Mambo- Li dvo Maravilla
13. Ry-Co Jazz- Caramba da mi Vida
14. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Miguel Canta
15. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Comite Rock-a-Mambo
16. African Fiesta- Sey Sey
17. Franco et l’OK Jazz- Bolingo mpe Eskosaka
18. Ry-Co Jazz- Mambe
19. Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo- Mi Paralitico

1. Gianni Oddi- Dreaming
2. Piero Piccioni- Nuovo Boom
3. Ennio Morricone- Citta Viva
4. Armando Trovaioli- Vivre Felici
5. Piero Piccioni- La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto
6. Arrmando Trovajoli- Masquerade
7. Vittorio Paltrinieri- Rhythm Of Life
8. Arrmando Trovajoli- Caccia Al Ladro
9. Ennio Moriconne- Agosto Jazz
10. Tito Fontana- Sweeden
11. Piero Piccioni- Genti e Paesi
12. Louis Enriquez Bacalov- Roma Bene
13. Armando Trovaioli- La Famiglia Benvenuti
14. Ennio Morricone- Viva Il Jump Up
15. Piero Piccioni- Isabel
16. Louis Enriquez Bacalov- Paranagua
17. Piero Piccioni- Samba Della Ruota

Side A:


Side B:

Side A:

1. Intro

The Boogie Times (Boogie Funk)
2. Lotti G- What’s It Worth
3. UK Players- No Way Out

Highlife (Disco)
4. The Sparkles- Trying To Get Over
5. Brief Encounter- Rocking

Nova’s Selects
6. Taj Mahal- Why?…And We Repeat Why?…And We Repeat!
7. Stop- I Can Feel It

Legends Of The True-School (Early Era Hip-Hop)
8. Family- Family Rap
9. The Flame & Dynamite Three- Work Your Body

Uptown Saturday Night (Funk)
10. The Notations- Super People
11. Bobby Williams- Funky Superfly (Part 1)

Mind Trip (International)
12. Karma- Blusa De Linho
13. Webert Sicot- Deux Guidons

Congo Ritmo (Congolese Rumba & Soukous)
14. Bantous De La Capitale- Bantous De La Capitale
15. Kabaselle w/ Orchestre Rock-A-Mambo- Besame Mucho Jaquelina

Rhythmes Africains (Various African)
16. Vincent N’Guini & Afro-Train- Ode To Hendrix
17. Rail Band- Nanthan

Side B:

The Librarian Confessions (Library)
1. Piero Umiliani- Marlowe
2. Anthony King- Filigree

Intermission/Forty Deuce Cinema (OST)
3. Dennis Coffey- Love Theme (Black Belt Jones)
4. Monk Higgins- Three Hoods (Sheba Baby)

La Città del Suono (Euro OST)
5. Francis Lai- Rapt
6. Piero Piccioni- Per Noi Due Soli

Let’s Get Lost (Jazz)
7. Nick Ayoub- Report From Cairo
8. Tenorio Jr- Inutil Paisagem

Fly Me To Brazil
9. Burnier & Cartier- Mirandolina
10. Mario Castro Nieves- Vem Balancar

The Riddim Selector (Reggae)
11. Michael Prophet- You Know I Love You
12. Pat Kelly- Queen Of The Minstrel

[astral projects] Originals
13. Together Brothers– The Next Time
14. Nova– Feelin’ Me
15. Together Brothers– Black Beauty

1. Windjammer- Tossing And Turning
2. Sugar- Can’t Fight The Feeling
3. The Cool Notes- In Your Car
4. Darlene Davis- I Found Love
5. Affinity- Don’t Go Away
6. Major Harris- All My Life
7. Feel- I’d Like To
8. Atlantic Starr- Circles
9. The Cool Notes- I Don’t Wanna Stop
10. Jules Broussard- Got To Be The Only One

1. Freeway- Get The Feelin’
2. Oates & Company- What Does It Take
3. Windjammer- You’ve Got Me Dancin’
4. Those Good Intentions- We Know How To Boogie
5. Cloud- All Night Long
6. The Brief Encounter- Get A Good Feelin’
7. Thunderstorm- Here’s To You
8. Eddie Drennon- Would You Dance To My Music
9. Bobby Thurston- Sweetest Piece Of The Pie
10. Gary’s Gang- Spirits

1. F. McDonald & C. Rae- The Jam
2. Rovi- Odeon
3. Simon Park- Border Line
4. Jerry Mengo- Ride in Rotten Row
5. Brian Dee- Tina
6. Panther- Skytrain
7. Anthony King- Funktion Junktion
8. Juan Pablo Torres- Echale Salsita
9. Orchester Helmuth Brandenburg- Pep Talk
10. The Fine Machine- Wait For Me
11. Remigo Drucos- Dedicato a un Prete Moderno
12. Dick Walter- Fat Man
13. W. Gogolewski- Amble Along
14. L. Cappelloto- Errie Night
15. Yvon Rioland & Jean-Marie Hauser- Apple Way
16. Otto Weiss- Flying Through The Air
17. The Rainbow Orchestra- Young People
18. Dave Sarkys- Canadian Colours Theme #2
19. John Fiddy- Pop Pogression

1. Les Loups Noirs- Lilico
2. Nemours Jean-Baptiste- La Trompeuse
3. Webert Sicot- Michaelle
4. Tabou Combo de Petion-Ville- Respect
5. Exile One- You Have Lost The Battle
6. Les Loups Noirs- Chaque Jour
7. Webert Sicot- Palladium Direct
8. Nemours Jean-Baptiste- Contredance
9. Les Vikings de la Guadeloupe- Assez Pale
10. Eric Cossaque- Guadaloupe Ile de Mes Amours
11. Les Loups Noirs- Demain je t’attends
12. Coupe Cloue- Mon Compe-Ti Bom

1. Bobby Deemo- Bugs-B-Skate Rap
2. Grand Wizard Theodore- Can I Get A Soulclap
3. Harlem World Crew- Let’s Rock
4. The L.O.D Crew- Fill The Be-Bop
5. Sinister Two- Rock It, Don’t Stop It
6. Tj Swan- And You Know That
7. Margo’s Kool Out Crew- Death Rap
8. The Mean Machine- Disco Dream
9. Mr. Magic- Rappin’ With Mr. Magic

1. Les Masques- Bal Chez Le Baron
2. Chris Montez- Call Me
3. The Silhouettes- Sally’s Tomato
4. Marcello Gigante- Bossa In California
5. The Third Wave- Waves Lament
6. Nick Ayoub- Bossa Nova nr.12
7. Novi Singers- How Could We Return To The Past Moment
8. Mapressa Dawn- Petit Quica
9. Sylvia Vrethammar- Sylvia’s Samba
10. Aldemaro Romero- Sweet Madness
11. Luiz Carlos Vinhas- Amazonas
12. Elis Regina- Devagar Com a Louça
13. Bossa Três- Outra Vez
14. João Donato- Rio
15. Vera Brasil- Samba Bom
16. Os Intocaveis- Devagar Com a Louça
17. Ed Lincoln- Olhou Pra Mim
18. Luiz Henrique- Alicinha
19. Os Cariocas- Tema Para Quatro
20. Dick Farney- Voce
21. Eils Regina- Vem Balancar

1. Jean-Jaques Perrey- Indicatif Spatial
2. White Noise- Love Without Sound
3. Claude Denjean- Let’s Stay Together
4. Giampiero Boneschi- Moderato Catabile
5. Mort Garson- The Unexplained
6. Richard Hayman & Walter Sear- Dansero
7. Electronic Concept Orchestra- Grazing In The Grass/Goin’ Out Of My Head
8. John Murtaugh- The Floater
9. The Electrosoniks- Orbit Aurora
10. Paul Bley- Mr. Joy
11. Jean-Jaques Perrey- Berceuse Pour un Bebe Robot Jean
12. Giampiero Boneschi- Modulation On A Theme
13. David Perian & Alberto Baldan- Last Pop Tango
14. John Baker- Tom-Tom
15. Bruno Spoerri- Hallo World
16. Richard Hayman & Walter Sear- The Look Of Love
17. Mort Garson- Rhapsody In Green
18. Jean- Jaques Perrey- Nola

1. Carlos Lamartine- Bassoka
2. Artur Nunes- Kisua Ki Ngui Fua
3. Os Kiezos- Muxima
4. Orquestra Semba Tropical- Ku Tambi Ya Veya Kaombo
5. Os Bongos- Lena
6. Jovens Do Prendo- Semba Da Ihla
7. Ngoma Jazz- Belita Kiri-Kiri
8. Lourdes Van Dunem- Ngongo Ya Biluka
9. Urbano De Castro- Rosa Maria
10. Carlos Lamartine- O Dipanda Wondo Tula Kia
11. David Ze- Rumba Zatukine
12. Manuel Faria- Mana Fatita
13. Artur Adriano- Belita
14. Os Kiezos- Milhorro
15. Carlos Burity- Manazinha

1. Twilight- Just A Kiss Away
2. Js.One- Open To Your Beauty (Demo)
3. T.P. OK Jazz- Anduku Lutshuma
4. Richie Family- I’ll Do My Best
5. Celeste- Serrado
6. Dam-Funk- I Like Your Big Azz (Girl)
7. California Flight Project- Do You Feel My Love
8. Midnight Express- Breeze Up
9. Twilight- Straight To My Heart
10. Kitty Winter Gypsy Nova- Mato Pato
11. Henri Rich- Be You
12. Annette Peacock- Taking It As It Comes
13. Sun Ra- Springtime Again

1. Twilight- You Look So Good
2. The Sunburst Band- The Easton Assassin
3. Sugar Minott- Love & Understanding
4. Prophets Of Soul- Ain’t No Sunshine
5. Richie Havens- Sugarplums
6. Ludus- Anatomy Is Not Destiny
7. Djavan- Samba Dobrado
8. The Jade Kurrent Band- Standing There
9. Bobby Caldwell- The House Is Rockin’
10. Heinz Kiessling- A La Bonheur
11. Dick Walter- Shifting Sands Of Sound
12. Bantous de la Capitale- Celia
13. Sandy Barber- Don’t You Worry Baby (The Best Is Yet To Come)
14. Philly Cream- No Time Like Now

1. Hi Fidelity- All To Myself
2. Glenda McCleod- No Stranger To Love
3. Island And Holiday- Living
4. Joy- Baby Dance
5. Paul Simpson Connection- Use Me, Lose me
6. Ingram- Smoothin’ Groovin’
7. Lee Prentis- Love This Way
8. Stargaze- You Can’t Have It
9. Monica Thorton- Give It up

1. Cloudburst- I’m Loving You
2. Beny Moré- A Media Noche
3. Jon Smith Richard- Stay With Me Tonight
4. Peter Fish- The Silver Apple
5. Le Grand Kalle- Africa Bola Ngombi
6. Dennis Brown- Whip Them Jah
7. M. Ashraf- Good News For You
8. Elis Regina- Amour ate o Film/Mancada
9. Twilight- Never Want To See You Low
10. Js.One- Everything Is Ok (I Stand Alone)
11. Chapter Three- Real Rocking Groove
12. Jacinta- Sóc molt poca cosa

1. Piero Piccioni- What Is There To See
2. Jean Constantin- Comment voulez-vous
3. Sun Ra Arkestra- Ankhnaton
4. Cris Montez- Day By Day
5. Twilight- Love’s High
6. The Rainbow Orchestra- Skippin’ Around
7. Chet Baker- Indian Summer
8. T.P OK Jazz-Tika Kondima na zolo
9. Moacyr Silva- Laura/Sophisticated Lady
10. I-level- Treacle
11. Laura Nyro- Springblown
12. Les Bantous- Aboue Batele
13. Stephanie Grappeli – Joy
14. Wojciech Krakolak- A Day In The City
15. Laboratorium- Ikona

1. Celia Cruz con La Sonora Matancera- Vengan a la charanga
2. Beny More- El bobo de la yucca
3. Roberto Faz y Su Conjunto- El retozon
4. El Gran Fellove- El jamaiquino
5. Pio Levia- La noche Buena
6. Celia Cruz- No encuentro palabras
7. Omara Portuondo- Noche Cubana
8. Beny More- De la rumba cha cha cha
9. Conjunto Casino- Tu me brindaste tu amor
10. Arsenio Rodriguez- Cruel Destino
11. El Gran Fellove- Mi mambo cha cha cha
12. Roberto Faz y Su Conjunto- Cachirulo
13. Elio Reve y su Ritmo Changuii- Tu lunar
14. Orquestra Casino de la Playa- Le negra Leonor
15. Aldemaro Romero- Mango Mangue
16. Celia Cruz & Tito Puente- Mango Mangue
17. El Gran Fellove- Mango Mangue

1. Luis Bacalov- Se Chiudi Gil Occhi
2. Piero Piccioni- Iron Doll (Titoli)
3. Piero Umiliani- Io e la mia Schiava
4. Alberto Baladan Bembo- Oblo
5. Giorgio Gaslini-Carol’s Theme
6. Allessandro Alessandroni- Famminismo
7. Stelvio Cipriani- Alfredo, Salomone e il Grimaldello
8. Piero Piccioni- Hold Me Till Tomorrow
9. Alberto Baladan Bembo- Love In Sahara
10. Piero Umiliani- Soldi soldi soldi
11. Allessandro Alessandroni- Silvana
12. Piero Umiliani- Slow di pupe
13. Piero Piccioni -blue sutura
14. Armando Trovajoli- Caccia al ladro
15. Piero Piccioni – Significa amore

1. Wallias Band- muziqwi silt
2. Hirut Bèqèlè – ewnètègna feqer
3. Mulatu Astatke-tezetayé antchi lidj
4. Girma Hadgu- ené alantchi alnorem
5. Feqadu Made Mesqel- asmarina
6. Wubshèt Fisseha & Exception Five Band – mariyé marwèlèla
7. Mahmoud Ahmed- yeshiharegitu
8. Bzunesh Bekele – atrakegn
9. Gétatchèw Mèkurya – ambassèl
10. Multatu Astatqé, Frank Hlder, & Niaaza Alsherif – assiyo bélléma
11. Mahmoud Ahmed – aynotché tèrabu
12. Tèshomè Meteku- yèzèmèd yèbaed

1. Piero Piccioni- Party Version 8
2. El Gran Fellove- Te Quiero Carazon
3. Loose Change- I Wanna Hold On To You
4. Lijabu Sisters- Danger
5. Marcos Valle- Bicicleta
6. Affinity- Pick Me Up
7. Js.One- Raw Feels
8. Al Campbell- No Time To Lose
9. Babatunde Lea & Phenomena- Pleas From The Soul
10. Michi Sarmiento- Me Enganste
11. Orchetre Bantous- Endiable Merengue
12. Five O’Clock- When The Cat’s Away
13. Elizeth Cardoso & Cyro Monteiro- Tem Que Rebolar
14. Giampiero Boneschi- Lovely Lowrey
15. Sun Ra- Beyond Romance On a Satalite
16. Sahib Shihab- Lilemor
17. Herbie Mann- A Man And A Woman
18.Laura Nyro- Blowin’ Away
19. California Flight Project- Dance On It
20. Stark Reality- Bustin’ Out Of Doors
21. Art Tatum- I’ve Got A Crush On You
22. Blossom Dearie- Toute Ma Joie
23. Chew- See The Light

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