The Boogie Times Series


These Vintage Crates episodes were the result of our obsession with boogie funk and early 80’s post disco. It’s a style of music that seems to have been re-discovered in recent times. The use of vintage synths, drum machines, and soulful vocals adds a dimension to this period of music which still stands unique.

Born out of the late 70’s New York disco scene it was a time of the infancy of the b-boy, the slow decline of grindhouse cinema, and a drastically shifting musical landscape. Groups and artists such as Dynasty, Starpoint, Leroy Burgess, Aurra, Marz, Klique, and Glenn Jones (among many others), built upon the style of disco a  new flavor of soul and funk. Dance-floor joints designed to immerse the audience into a frame of mind in which you forget the troubles of the day, and have a good time. Over the years “boogie down” it grew to be called, truly stands to be a period of funk which has influenced generations.


Volume One

1. Marz- Hooked On That Lovin’ Thing
2. Alfonzo Jones- Don’t Stop This Feeling
3. Marc Sadane- Baby Won’t Cha
4. Ozone- Keep On Dancing
5. Chapell Band- Get Away
6. Starpoint- Bring Your Sweet Lovin’ Back
7. A Taste Of Honey- Sayonara
8. Redd Hott- Ecstasy
9. O’Bryan- Right From The Start
10. Marz- Move It, Groove It
11. Pam Todd & Love Exchange – Let’s Get Together


Volume Two

1. Maxx Traxx- Let’s Have A Party
2. Black White & Co- Action For Love
3. Weeks & Co- Rock The World
4. Michael Wycoff- Looking Up To You
5. Central Line- Walking Into Sunshine
6. Fat Larry’s Band- Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself
7. Empress- Dyin’ To Be Dancin’
8. Klique- I Can’t Get Enough
9. Gene Van Buren- I Give Good Love
10. Blue Feather- Call Me Up
11. Waldo- Looks Can Be Deceiving


Volume Three

1. Fat Larry’s Band- Looking For Love
2. Dynasty- Day And Night
3. Michael Henderson- Do It All
4. Katie Kissoon- You’re the One
5. Roger Troutman- I Keep Tryin’
6. Odyssey- Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her
7. The Sylvers- Heart Repair Man
8. Xavier- What Goes Around
9. Karin Jones- So Right
10. Phil Fearon- Dancing Tight
11. Serge Ponsar- Lifetime


Volume Four

1. Universe City- Can You Get Down
2. Baby Brother- Saturday Night
3. Tomorrow’s Edition- Part Time Lover
4. The Strangers- Step Out Of My Dream
5. Sunrize- I Just Wanna Make Sweet Love Tonight
6. Gene Van Buren- Rock The House
7. Bobby Thurston- Check Out The Groove
8. Fat Larry’s Band- Be My Lady
9. Dynasty- Do Me Right
10. Richard Jon Smith- This Is The Moment
11. Jimmy Williams- All Of My Lovin’
12. Jewel- Soon You’ll See The Way


Volume Five

1. Van Jones- Let’s Go This Go
2. Kwick- Night Life
3. The Mad Lads- You Blew It
4. Toni Smith- I Like The Way It Feels
5. Fat Larry’s Band- Party After Midnight
6. Raven- So In Love
7. Michael Sterling- Desperate
8. Glenn Jones- Love Intensity
9. Dynasty- Give Love To Me
10. Shock- Each And Every Day
11. The Antillies- Let’s Get It On
12. Wish feat. La-Rita Gaskin- Nice & Soft

Volume Six

1. Phenomenal- One Two Three (Come See About Me)
2. Cuzz Band- I Just Wanna Dance
3. Wanda- I Must Be Dreaming
4. The Antilles – I’ve Got To Have You
5. Stephanie Mills- What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’
6. Geri Logan- Come And Get It
7. Donna McGhee- Mr. Blindman
8. Suzy Q- Come Let’s Have A Party
9. The Batiste Brothers Band- Pary Down
10. Glen Jones- You’re the Only One I Love
11. Aleem feat. Leroy Burgess- Hooked On Your Love

Volume Seven

1. Distinction- that’s The Way I Like It
2. Second Image- Fall In Love
3. Teddy Pendegrass- You And Me For Right Now
4. James Thomas Society- He’s Gonna Get It
5. David Grant- Holding On
6. Jaye Williams- Let Me Be The One
7. Mad Dog Fire Department- Cosmic Funk
8. Fresh Band- Come Back Lover
9. Take Three- This Good Feeling
10. Prime Time- Spinning
11. Starpoint- I Just Want To Be Your Lover

Volume Eight

1. Sabata- Man For My Lady
2. China Burton- You Don’t Care About Our Love
3. John Simmons- Ain’t Nothing Like The Love
4. Val Young- Tellin’ Me Lies
5. The Midas Touch- Nite Life
6. Randolph Baker- Getting Next To You
7. Cheri- Murphy’s Law
8. Fat Larry’s Band- Play With Me
9. Starshine- All I Need Is You
10. Arnie Love & The Lovelettes- We’ve Had Enough

Volume Nine

1. Windjammer- Tossing And Turning
2. Sugar- Can’t Fight The Feeling
3. The Cool Notes- In Your Car
4. Darlene Davis- I Found Love
5. Affinity- Don’t Go Away
6. Major Harris- All My Life
7. Feel- I’d Like To
8. Atlantic Starr- Circles
9. The Cool Notes- I Don’t Wanna Stop
10. Jules Broussard- Got To Be The Only One

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