The Librarian Confessions Series

The “Librarian Confessions” Vintage Crates mini-series is a product of the discovery of 60’s and 70’s “library” music. What has come to be called “library” or sometimes “mood” music is in it’s essence simply music recorded by composers for use in television and film as a sort of stock music. This means that composers recorded many different styles of music (i.e. jazz, rock,atmospheric, funk,  and later disco) on various sound library labels so that if a film or tv show needed a particular style of music, they could just grab it from the sound library.

ap podcast#16

Volume One

1. Safir Special- Big Ben Bell
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey- Comical Logos
3. Jacques Siroul- Diamant
4. Jean-Jacques Perrey- Les Trois Pierres Blanches
5. Simon Park- Gun Law
6. Vecchio- Nsambei
7. Simon Park- Motivator
8. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- A Little Loving
9. Simon Park- Big Road
10. Duncan Lamont- Sunny Side up
11. Peter Reno- Orange
12. Steve Gray- Sweet Memories
13. The Hawksworth Snell trio- Floating Clear
14. Barbara Moore- Shades-Tones

podcast#16 pt.2

Volume Two

1. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- On The Move
2. Graham Grant- Good Company
3. Alan Parker- Pusher
4. A. Hackshaw- Collect
5. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- Tensions
6. Simon Park- Connection
7. G. Lane- Crash Course
8. Alan Parker- Blue Shadow
9. Simon Park- Slow Ride
10. Barbara Moore- Fly Paradise

Volume Three

1. Desmond Champ- Shades Of Soul
2. Trevor Bastow- Spring Loaded
3. Midas Touch- Gentle Rave Down
4. Paul Savel- Hamburgers
5. Keith Mansfield- Man Alive
6. Oliver Trevin- En Vogue
7. Clear Light Band- Roadhog/ Split Decision
8. David Snell- Those Sparkling Eyes
9. Midas Touch- Love Interlude
10. Siegfried Schwab- Start Of A Love Affair
11. Jacky Giordano- May Day
12. Syd Dale- Midsummer Love
13. James Clarke- Cine Mobile
14. Lee Mason- Blue Bird
15. Paul Williams-Spring Morning
16. Duncan Lamont- Spring Thing
17. Brian Bennett- Daytrip
18. Alan Hawkshaw- Move With The Times
19. Steve Gray- Finding My Feet
20. Derek Austin- Junl Alley
21. Geoff Bastow- Rast Breeder

Volume Four

1. Lanzerot- Arosio
2. Trevor Bastow- Chopping Block
3. Eddie Warner- Angelo’s Bar
4. Midas Touch- Discolation
5. Georges Teperino- Hey Sweetie!
6. Jacky Giordano- Restless Mind
7. David Snell- Harpy Go Lucky
8. Janko Nilovic- To And Fro
9. Clear Light Band- Music Report
10. Midas Touch Smart Mover
11. Frank Marbert- Nur die, die Lieben
12. Karel Krautgartner Big Band- Piccolo Mondo
13. Geoff Bastow- Fillet Of Soul
14. Wolfgang Schluter Combo- Consensus
15. Seigfried Schwab- Canto
16. Derek Austin- Dissolve In Sepia
17. Horst Bredow- Jour Fix
18. Alan Hawkshaw- Thrust Forward
19. Powerhouse- Late Summer
20. Paul Williams- Honeydew

Volume Five

1. Rovi- Honey Moon
2. J. Sherylee- Habana Bounce
3. Roger Webb- The Flower Garden
4. Jacky Giordano- Curiosity
5. Rovi- Medium Cool
6. Pierre Devevey- Sunshine Melody
7. Mladen Franco- Alexandra
8. Keith Mansfield- Autumn Rambler
9. Vincent Geminiani – Ophis Le Serpentaire
10. Steve Gray – Tomboy
11. Jean-Jacques Robert & Jean-Michel Guise- Chimerial Blues
12. Fritz Maldener – Catch Them Now
13. Ralf Heninger- Bitter Lemon
14. Georges Arvanitas – Black And White
15. Alan Parker & Mike Moran- Time Goes By
16. Cy Panr- Mellow Mood
17. Derek Austin- Spellbound
18. Mladen Franco- Melancholy Girl

Volume Six

1. F. McDonald & C. Rae- The Jam
2. Rovi- Odeon
3. Simon Park- Border Line
4. Jerry Mengo- Ride in Rotten Row
5. Brian Dee- Tina
6. Panther- Skytrain
7. Anthony King- Funktion Junktion
8. Juan Pablo Torres- Echale Salsita
9. Orchester Helmuth Brandenburg- Pep Talk
10. The Fine Machine- Wait For Me
11. Remigo Drucos- Dedicato a un Prete Moderno
12. Dick Walter- Fat Man
13. W. Gogolewski- Amble Along
14. L. Cappelloto- Errie Night
15. Yvon Rioland & Jean-Marie Hauser- Apple Way
16. Otto Weiss- Flying Through The Air
17. The Rainbow Orchestra- Young People
18. Dave Sarkys- Canadian Colours Theme #2
19. John Fiddy- Pop Pogression

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  1. loving these. thanks

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