Cassanova Brown



Influences: Leroy Burgess, Sweet Thunder, Micheal Sterling, Dynasty, Shalamar, Fat Larry’s Band, Aurra, Klique, Starpoint, Van Jones, Roger Troutman, Marz, Ozone, Alfonzo Jones, A Taste Of Honey, Dazz Band, Pleasure, Betty Davis, The Brides of Funkenstien, Cherelle

Top 10 Favorite Records: ‘Hold On‘ James Duke, ‘Desperate‘ Micheal Sterling, ‘This Beat Is Mine‘ Vicky D, ‘I Got To Have You‘ The Antilles, ‘Let’s Go This Go‘ Van Jones, ‘Looking For Love‘ Fat Larry’s Band, ‘I Can’t Get Enough‘ Klique, ‘I Give Good Love‘ Gene Van Buren, ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On‘ Cherelle, ‘Dancing Into The Stars‘ Logg

Cassanova Brown (or ‘Nova) has just dropped his debut album on [astral projects] entitled ‘Supernova‘. His style draws upon late 70’s & early 80’s inspirations such as the LINN drum & Moog synthesizer. The styles of those times such as disco, funk, and electro largely influence his sound.


Nova was also involved with a recent mix for Vintage Crates which exemplifies some of the artists and styles that inspire him:


Back In Style [Single] Released 08/03/2010

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