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What I realized as of late is that to new listeners, the volume of the Vintage Crates series probably seems daunting, and you don’t know where to start. So for new heads and old crew alike, I decided to compile a list of my favorite VC episodes. Although, I do love every episode as it gives me a platform to broadcast under-appreciated music to willing ears, these are the episodes I feel stand out in importance, or are really special to me.

The early episodes of Vintage Crates were based wholly on particular songs on records I knew and felt were either unrecognized or extremely obscure. As time went on, I began to search uncharted areas and styles. In other words, some shows feature music I’m experiencing for the first time along with the audience, which is part of the beauty.

Vintage Crates Episode #3: Aquarela Do Brasil

This was one of the first VC episodes, and the first Brazilian episode. I wanted to rock as many different styles of Brazilian music as I knew of. From Gal Costa, to Cartola. Samba, jovem guarda, MPB, bossa nova & everything in between.

Vintage Crates Episode #9 Highlife

This one is one of my favorites because just about every song featured here is a song I remember from when I was a kid which made me a very big fan of this type of disco. Kool Dj Red Alert would occasional do a mix of strictly disco joints on The Old-School @ Noon back in the mid/late 90’s. It had an of underground feeling in a style of music most people associate with wild stereotypes and generalizations, not to mention the pop/commercial side.

Vintage Crates Episode #12: Mind Trip: South American Funk & Peruvian Psych

This show is important because it was the first show comprised entirely of new music to me, and was the first in the Mind Trip series. I really love focusing on specific styles of music in specific areas that remain largely obscure. I fell in love with Peruvian psych after hearing We All Together who were profoundly inspired by the Beatles. Then after listening to the first Telegraph Avenue record it was a wrap! That one remains one of my top favorite albums of all-time.

Vintage Crates Episode #19: The Boogie Times vol.1

There are currently eight volumes of the VC Boogie Times series, and it all began here. Boogie-funk is obviously a major influence of mine, and there were a couple boogie-ish shows before this one, but this is the genesis of the boogie revolving series. Marz “Hook On That Lovin’ Thang” was certainly the song of last summer. After this show, there was a huge boogie overall mood, and three other volumes followed pretty soon after.

Vintage Crates Episode #25: Ceci est l’Amour (This is Love)

The first VC episode comprised completely of vintage Italian & French soundtracks. This is the precise moment in time I really fell in love with this style. It reminds me a bit of bossa nova at times, a bit jazz, some orchestral flourishes all combined. The first time I heard Piero Piccioni’s “In Vaggio Attraverso l’Australia” from the film Bello, Onesto, Emigrato Australia Sposerebbe Compaesana Illibata (A Girl In Australia) it was like enlightenment.

Vintage Crates Episode #28: Questo e l’Amore

This show is the second presentation of Italian composers such as Piero Umiliani, Sandro Brungolini, Piero Piccioni ect. The very first tune sets the mood perfectly.

Vintage Crates Episode #31: Forty Deuce Cinema- Grindhouse Funk

As I’ve mentioned before @ Sound Of The City, I’m a real big fan of grindhouse & exploitation films. One of the elements of this particular type and time of film is the attention payed to the soundtracks. Usually most noted in Blaxploitaion (or Black Action) films because of the use of top composers & musicians like Issac Hayes, Johnny Pate, Willie Hutch, & Dennis Coffey to name a couple. However, there are many types of films from these days with very dope scores, and the theme from Cannibal Ferox, the first joint of the show, is one of my personal favorite examples of a funky, sleazy grindhouse theme. It’s also important to me, for the Forty Deuce series to use the original radio spots.

Vintage Crates Episode #33: The Riddim Selector

What’s interesting about The Riddim Selector was the fact that I held off from doing a general reggae show for a while after I got hip to the concept of riddims. As a fan of reggae, dancehall, lover’s rock, ect it is impossible to not have noticed that the same rhythms get used over and over. Not in a tedious way, but in a style where it’s like saying someone did a freestyle of the “Get Money” beat, to throw in a hip-hop analogy. It’s like an acknowledgment and homage to the original riddim style foundations.

Vintage Crates Episode #35: Legends Of The True School- Kings Of Style

This show is a real favorite of mine, the second in the Legends Of The True-School series. This series is completely made up of the first hip-hop recordings by true pioneers from 1978-1982. For the fact that I was able to compile a mix of strictly live true-school hip-hop emcees perfectly illustrates the purpose of Vintage Crates. These are cats I worshiped as the original archetypal masters of the craft when I was a teenager.

Vintage Crates Episode #38: The Librarian Confessions vol.3- Movie Maker’s Music

As with many varieties of music, we have a special affinity for sound library music. This is the fourth such show featuring a blend of composers who recorded for sound libraries in the 60’s & 70’s. This one is my one of my favorites because it represents a point where I had built a knowledge of library composers. As such, I sarted to delve into more obscure library labels like Golden Ring, Bruton, and Programme Music. The Librarian Confessions series started when I was still fresh to the style.

Vintage Crates Episode #43: Cassanova Brown Guestmix- First Vibes Of The Equinox

This one is my favorite ‘Nova mix. Particularly because I feel that this was perhaps the most appropriate dawn-of-spring show in the history of Vintage Crates. Definitely good-feeling disco & boogie joints. Cheri’s “Give It To Me Baby” fast became one of my favorite boogie joints after this show.

Vintage Crates Episode #51: Sound Of The City Summer Selections

This show was initially thought of as a promotion for my then new joint site Sound Of The City, but it proved to be a strong mix on it’s own. Most of the songs of this show directly related to posts about the artists on Sound Of The City like Edd Kalehoff, Stelvio Cipriani, & Lizzy Mercier Descloux. As a result of the success of Summer Selections there will be a seasonal Sound Of The City Selections.

Vintage Crates Episode #53: Rhythmes Africains- Guinea Conakry

This episode was the result of some serious research on Guinean orchestras of the 60’s & 70’s after the first time I heard Bembeya Jazz National. The first thing that struck me was that this was a sound and type of African music I had never heard that was pretty specific to one region and time. Syliphone, the label that was home to all the musician featured on this episode seemed to be a conglomeration of every dope band in Guinea-Conakry at the time (which it probably was because it was state-owned).

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