Episodes (#1-#25)


Soul, funk, jazz, and avant guard vocalists vibes.

1. The Chosen Few- Wandering
2. Silvinha- Estou Pedindo Baby
3. The Brockingtons- Eye Doctor
4. Mike James Kirkland- You Put It On My Mind
5. Eugene Record- Here Comes The Sun
6. U.P.C All Stars- Don’t Get Discouraged
7. Jackson Sisters- Day In the Blue
8. Annette Peacock- Pony
9. The Heartstoppers- Where Does The Love Go
10. Little Beaver- Let’s Stick Together
11. Weldon Irvine- I Love You
12. Dyson’s Faces- Don’t Worry About The Joneses
13. Js.One- I Think Of You
14. Laghonia- My Love



More space, spiritual jazz, & avant gard.

1. Lucia Pamela- Moontown
2. Stark Reality- Shooting Stars
3. Sun Ra- Space Mates
4. Annette Peacock- Dual Unity
5. Doug Carn- Western Sunrise
6. George Duke- For Love(I Come Your Friend)
7. Monk Montgomery- Fuselage (Part I)*
8. Amnesty- We’ve Come A long Way
9. The Mysterious Flying Orchestra- Shadows
10. Malone & Barnes & Spontaneous Simplicity- Galactic Interlude
11. Sun Ra- Where There Is No Sun
12. Charles Earland- Intergalactic Love Song
13. Wlodek Gulgowski- One Time Sometimes
14. The Roger Webb Sound- Man Inside
15. Sun Ra- Love In Outer Space



All Brazilian episode featuring the best in obscure samba, funk, & jovem guarda.

1. Marconi Notaro- Desmantelado
2. Novos Baianos- Vagabundo Não é Fácil
3. Rita Lee- And I Love Her
4. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi- Que me Importa
5. Clara Nunes- Alvorada no Morro
6. Cartola- Tive Sim
7. Claudete Soares- Ha Sempre um Amanha
8. Joyce- Feminia
9. Gal Costa- Mini Misterio
10. Banda Uniao Black- Abelha Africana
11. Jorge Ben- Ive Brussel
12. Evinha- Olha Eu Aqui Oh! Oh! Oh!
13. Azymuth- Tamborim Cuica Ganza Berimbau
14. Eumir Deodato- Arrancha Ceu
15. Tim Maia- Nao Vou Ficar
16. Eliana Pittman- Vou Pular Neste Carnival
17. Arthur Verocai- Na Boca Do Sol
18. Evinha- Encontro
19. Banda Uniao Black- Quando Alguem Está Dormindo
20. Cartola- Disfarca E Chora



Instrumentals from the Js.One EP ‘Forever Inside’

1.Deliver You More
2. One Time
3.Reach For The Stars
4.Forever Inside
5. A New Day



Soulful songs for that somebody…

1. Bernard Perdie’ Day Dreamin’
2. Dave Hamilton- The Sweeter The Juice
3. The Cult- Rider
4. Donny Hathaway- Bossa Nova
5. Esther Williams- Last Night Changed It All (I Really Had a Ball)
6. Jackson Sisters- I Believe In Miracles
7. The Nazty- I Need Your Love
8. Francis Lai- Vivre Pour Vivre (Accordeon)
9. H. Andrews Congregation- I’ve Got To Find Myself Another Girl
10. Family Brown- When Your Love’s Not There
11. Gloria Barnes- She Wants A Stand-In
12. Hidden Strength- I Don’t Want To Be A Lone Ranger
13. The Four Tops- When Tonight Meets Tomorrow
14. Joe Bataan- I Wish You Love (Part I)
15. Laghonia- It’s Marvelous
16. Love Unlimited Orchestra- Forever In Love
17. The Majestic Arrows- The Magic of Your Love
18. Foster Sylvers feat. Pat & Angie Sylvers- When I’m Near You
19. The Lovelites- Oh What A Day
20. Matthew Larkin Cassell- Beggin’ To Stay
21. The Main Ingredient- There’s Something Lovely
22. Wee- Find Me, Love Me
23. Spice- Fool In Love
24. The Reflections- She’s My Summer Breeze
25. The Final Solution- I’m Ready For Love



On the road of life…always traveling, constantly moving.

1. Johnny Harris- Footprints On The Moon
2. Rashaan Roland Kirk- Pedal Up
3. Mulatu Astatqé- Tezeta (Nostolgia)
4. Norman Connors- Morning Change
5. Tom Scott- Naima
6. Tarika Blue- Things Spring
7. Sven Libaek- Solar Flares
8. Bobby Hutcherson- Manzantia
9. Chet Baker- Sunday In Town
10. Dorthy Ashby- By The Time I Get To Pheonix
11. Ferrante & Teicher- ‘S Wonderful
12. George Duke- Someday
13. Batteax- High Tide
14. Ice- Don’t Wonder Why
15. Hatfield and the North- Underdub
16. Johnny “Guitar” Watson- I’ll Remember April
17. Mulatu Astatqé- Tezetayé Antchi Lidj (Baby, My Unforgettable Remembrance)
18. The Lyman Woodward Organization- Creative Musicians
19. Jorge Dalto- I’ve Got You On My Mind



Another sampler from the artists @ [astral projects]

1. Back In The Day (Intro) (Inst from ‘Another Point Of View’ 2007)
2. The Nubians- Cheeba Funk (‘The New Flavor’ EP 2006)
3. Js.One- The Creep (‘Time Has Come’ 2008)
4. The Nubians- 125th Street Soul (‘The New Flavor’ EP 2006)
5. Js.One- Stretchin’ Out (‘Time Has Come’ 2008)
6. Sparks- Your Style (‘Do It To You’ [Single] 2006)
7. Js.One- Spring Again (‘First Vibes of The Equinox’ 2005)



Straight grimey, late night funk.

1. Alain Goraguer- Ten et Tiwa
2. Skull Snaps- All Of A Sudden
3. The 9th Creation- Rule of Mind
4. Rudy Ray Moore- Willie Green
5. Brother To Brother- In The Bottle
6. The Final Solution- Brotherman
7. Sven Libaek- Misty Canyon
8. Lee Fields- Rapping With Lee
9. Quazar- Shades of Quaze
10. Faze-O- Riding High
11. General Lee- On The Move
12. Newban- Easin’ Through
13. The Soul Searchers- It’s All In Your Mind
14. Janne Schaffer- Postman’s Knock



Disco…not Disco

1. Crown Heights Affair- Dreaming a Dream (Goes Dancin’)
2. Silver Convention- Get Up and Boogie
3. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band- I’ll Play The Fool
4. Double Exposure- Ten Percent
5. Instant Funk- I Got My Mind Made Up
6. Crown Heights Affair- Use Your Body and Soul
7. Heatwave- Boogie Nights
8. Universal Robot Band- It Takes A Thief
9. Spice- Happy Music
10. Jimmy James- Disco Fever
11. Universal Robot Band- Doing Anything Tonight
12. Silver Convention- I Like It
13. Heatwave- Party Poops
14. First Choice- Armed & Extremely Dangerous
15. Freedom- Dance Sing Along



Boogie & early 80’s R&B

1. Vernon Cheely- Get To The Point
2. Godmoma- Here
3. SOS Band- Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’)
4. Sunrize- Come & Get My Love
5. Xavier- Love Is On The One
6. Midnight Star- Wet My Whistle
7. Lakeside- Shot of Love
8. Switch- There’ll Never Be
9. D- Train- Keep Giving Me Love
10. SOS Band- Can’t Get Enough
11. Wynd Chymes- Festival
12. Raydio- Get Down
13. Choclate Milk- I’m Your Radio
14. Lakeside- Something About That Woman
15. Pee Wee- Be My Girl
16. Universal Robot Band- Barely Breaking Even



Library &  “mood” music selections from disco, to jazz, to funk.

1. Les Wanted- Camicas
2. Ju-Par Universal Orchestra- Time
3. Syd Dale- Base Line
4. Jack Dieval Quartet- Good Luck To You
5. Caravelli- Dernière Turbulence
6. Gianni Ferrio- Almost Love
7. Sven Libaek- Turistus, Turisma
8. Magic Accordions Of Adriano- Windows of Paris
9. Electronic Organs Today- On A Clear Day
10. Mort Garson- Mellow Mood For Maidenhair
11. Jay Richford & Gary Stevan- Going Home
12. Roberto Pregadio- Bossa Nova Della Sposa
13. Janko Nilovic- Para Papaya
14. Patchwork Library- It’s No Joke
15. Pierre Dutour & Son Orchestra- Soft Winds
16. Complesso “The Swingers”- Lucilla
17. Sven Liabaek- Start Growing Up
18. Puccio Roelens- Chilly Breeze
19. Janko Nilovic- Chorus For Leslie



Strictly 60’s & 70’s South American psych & funk.

1. Telegraph Avenue- Emma
2. We All Together- I’d Like Her To Be Mine
3. Coke- Sabor A Mi
4. Telegraph Avenue- Lauralie
5. Limonada- Barrio de Casas Bajas
6. Traffic Sound- Got To Be Sure
7. Telegraph Avenue- Forget It
8. La Kabala- El Caminate Solitario
9. Rabbits & Carrots- Romeo & Julieta
10. Telegraph Avenue- Let me Start
11. Traffic Sound- Suavecito
12. Telegraph Avenue- Something Going



Another one designed for that late night dance party.

1. Logg- Dancing Into the Stars
2. Magnum Force- What’s Your Name
3. Dazzle- All
4. Vernon Burch- Joy And Pain
5. Glass- Whats Your Name
6. Jones Girls- Nights Over Egypt
7. Third Rail- Mainstream
8. Logg- Lay It On The Line
9. Convertion- Let’s Do It
10. Aleem- Get Down Friday Night

ap podcast#16

1st of the ‘Librarian Confessions’ series, which features library joints from KPM, deWolfe, Amphonic, Telemusic, ect.

1. Safir Special- Big Ben Bell
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey- Comical Logos
3. Jacques Siroul- Diamant
4. Jean-Jacques Perrey- Les Trois Pierres Blanches
5. Simon Park- Gun Law
6. Vecchio- Nsambei
7. Simon Park- Motivator
8. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- A Little Loving
9. Simon Park- Big Road
10. Duncan Lamont- Sunny Side up
11. Peter Reno- Orange
12. Steve Gray- Sweet Memories
13. The Hawksworth Snell trio- Floating Clear
14. Barbara Moore- Shades-Tones

podcast#16 pt.2

2nd in the ‘Librarian Confessions’ series.

1. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- On The Move
2. Graham Grant- Good Company
3. Alan Parker- Pusher
4. A. Hackshaw- Collect
5. Basil Kirchin & John Coleman- Tensions
6. Simon Park- Connection
7. G. Lane- Crash Course
8. Alan Parker- Blue Shadow
9. Simon Park- Slow Ride
10. Barbara Moore- Fly Paradise



Summer music, designed with early 80’s block parties in mind.

1. Dazz Band- Hello Girl
2. Positive Force- We Got The Funk
3. Herbie Mann- Stomp Your Feet
4. The Jacksons- Everybody
5. I Level- Give Me
6. Logg- Something Else
7. A Taste Of Honey- Do It Good
8. Universal Robot Band- Disco Boogie Women


Relaxed and chill summer music for breezy reflection.

1. The Reflections- She’s My Summer Breeze
2. Marcos Valle- Ela e Ela
3.Nil’s Jazz Ensemble- Reflexiones
4. Stardust International & Tayfun- Why
5. Minority Band- Journey To The Shore
6. Karin Krog- We Could Be Flying
7. Don Julian & The Larks- Show and Tell
8. Barbara Mason- Keep Him
9. The Fuzz- Ooh Baby Baby
10. The Moments- Sho’ Nuff Boogie
11. George Duke- Summer Breezin’



First episode in ‘The Boogie Times‘ series. Capturing the finest in boogie funk, post-disco, and early 80’s R&B.

1. Marz- Hooked On That Lovin’ Thing
2. Alfonzo Jones- Don’t Stop This Feeling
3. Marc Sadane- Baby Won’t Cha
4. Ozone- Keep On Dancing
5. Chapell Band- Get Away
6. Starpoint- Bring Your Sweet Lovin’ Back
7. A Taste Of Honey- Sayonara
8. Redd Hott- Ecstasy
9. O’Bryan- Right From The Start
10. Marz- Move It, Groove It
11. Pam Todd & Love Exchange – Let’s Get Together



20th episode special, with odds and ends thrown in. Ranging from Mexican funk, to singer-songwriter, to jazz, [astral projects] originals, and much more.

1. Js.One- Allure
2. New York Disco Machine- Hold Me, Touch Me
3. Wladimir Cosma- Le Commissaire Et La Putain
4. Pleasure- 2 For 1
5. Stark Reality- Too Much Tenderness
6. Don Julian & The Larks- Make It With You
7. Marcos Valle- Que Bandiera
8. African Music Machine- The Dapp
9. Exmagma- Dance Of The Crabs
10. L.A Carnival- Flyin’
11. Mad Cliff- Goin’ To The Disco
12. 24 Karat Gold- Dance To My Music
13. Vic Ceasar- Loving You Too
14. Randy Weston- Caban Bamboo Highlife
15. Tuca- Cuidado, Malandro
16. Limonada- Cambiar La Rosa
17. Laura Nyro- Sexy Mama
18. The Moments- Sexy Mama
19. King Sporty & Friends- Young Girl
20. Little Beaver- Groove On
21. Js.One- Je Ne Sais Quoi


1. Maxx Traxx- Let’s Have A Party
2. Black White & Co- Action For Love
3. Weeks & Co- Rock The World
4. Michael Wycoff- Looking Up To You
5. Central Line- Walking Into Sunshine
6. Fat Larry’s Band- Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself
7. Empress- Dyin’ To Be Dancin’
8. Klique- I Can’t Get Enough
9. Gene Van Buren- I Give Good Love
10. Blue Feather- Call Me Up
11. Waldo- Looks Can Be Deceiving



Cassanova Brown takes over to mix some of his favorite tracks.

1. Gloria Gaynor- Casanova Brown
2. James Duke- Hold On
3. Magic Lady- Give It Up
4. Alfonzo Jones- Girl, You Are The One
5. Marz- Make It Right
6. Ozone- Strutt My Thang
7. Shock- Got To Have Your Love
8. Inner Life- I Picked A Winner
9. Cassanova Brown- Going My Way (Instrumental)
10. Dynasty- Love In The Fast Lane
11. High Fasion- Hold On
12. Cherelle- I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (Instrumental
13. Cassanova Brown- (Go ‘Head) Boogie Down


1. Fat Larry’s Band- Looking For Love
2. Dynasty- Day And Night
3. Michael Henderson- Do It All
4. Katie Kissoon- You’re the One
5. Roger Troutman- I Keep Tryin’
6. Odyssey- Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her
7. The Sylvers- Heart Repair Man
8. Xavier- What Goes Around
9. Karin Jones- So Right
10. Phil Fearon- Dancing Tight
11. Serge Ponsar- Lifetime



Bossa Nova & Brazilian jazz episode.

1. Tom Jobim & Muicha- Comigo e Assim
2. Joao Gilberto- Eu Vim Da Bahia
3. Chico Buarque- Carolina
4. Marcos Valle- The Face I Love
5. Moacir Santos- Luanne
6. The Bossa Three- Menina Feia
7. Emilio Santiago- Tristeza de Nos Dois
8. Sonia Rosa- Paraquinho Do Meu Bairro
9. Os Cinco-Pados- Sete Contos
10. Antonio Carlos Jobim- Remember
11. Elis Regina- Voce
12. Lisa Ono- So Danco Samba
13. Nico Gomez- O Barqhuinho
14. Marcos Valle- Samba de Verao 2
15. Hermento Pascual- Clerenice
16. Joao Gilberto- Aquarela do Brasil


1. Universe City- Can You Get Down
2. Baby Brother- Saturday Night
3. Tomorrow’s Edition- Part Time Lover
4. The Strangers- Step Out Of My Dream
5. Sunrize- I Just Wanna Make Sweet Love Tonight
6. Gene Van Buren- Rock The House
7. Bobby Thurston- Check Out The Groove
8. Fat Larry’s Band- Be My Lady
9. Dynasty- Do Me Right
10. Richard Jon Smith- This Is The Moment
11. Jimmy Williams- All Of My Lovin’
12. Jewel- Soon You’ll See The Way



A range of styles from bossa nova, to lounge, & jazz.

1. Francis Lai- Un Homme et une Femme
2. Piero Piccioni- in Vaggio Attraverso l’Australia
3. Francis Lai- Vire Pour Vivre (Main Theme)
4. Fred Bongusto- Spaghetti A Detroit (Choir Version)
5. Ennio Morricone – Metti una Sera a Cena
6. Piero Piccioni- Mr. Dante Fontana
7. Alberto Baldan Bembo- Ore 16
8. Piero Piccioni- Lady Ex
9. Francis Lai- Samba Saravah
10. Piero Piccioni- Biondissima
11. Piero Piccioni- Versione Romantica – Orchestra E Voce

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